2018..A RECAP

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Welcome welcome 2019, how are we doing this year? (3 days in but may not be going as planned)…. I’m pretty sure mine is going well though. Sitting in bed, in cosy pyjamas and eating pizza, what a start!

For this post, (I KNOW EVERYONE IS DOING IT AND I DID THE SAME LAST YEAR BUT I WANNA DO IT ANYWAY) I wanted to take you back through the past 365 days and refresh memories of what have been the highlights of this / my year so it is officially cup of tea and a biscuit time because this is gonna be a looooong one. (We could also do another drinking game…take a shot each time Bethan’s name is mentioned). Good luck.


SO, January wasn’t really a very fascinating month. I entered the new year with my bff but that was really the only exciting thing that happened. Me and Bethan took Alfie to DogHouse in Bradford-on-Avon because I had spotted them whilst doing work experience at Bath Life magazine and thought they looked cool. They are basically a kinda dog cafe, so you can get your dog groomed and have a drink or have a drink along with your dog who has options ranging from frozen yogurt to pupaccino’s. Alfie has been there twice now, once for a drink avec moi and Bethan, and a second to actually be groomed (he looked very handsome and they said he was very well behaved which is good!).

Alfie with his froyo


Feb was a bit more of an exciting month. We went on the annual ski hol to Austria with the fam, went on adventures to Lacock and the service station with Bethan and went to London/Birmingham with Molly to see Imagine Dragons.

Above you can see myself posing. However, when this picture was being taken I had absolutely zero idea that the lady behind me is in the EXACT same shade of yellow as me, timed well for the photobomb but then it woulda been nice to have just the view in the background…oh well. Also, I remember from this photoshoot that my jumper was not my friend AT ALL! It kept doing weird things around the boobage area which made me and Bethan laugh a hell of a lot as it just looked very odd.
In the picture next to it, you can see us posing with some donuts. We drove all the way to the local service station to pick them up as we both had a liiiiittle bit of a crave for them.

For Molly’s birthday she was given tickets to see Imagine Dragons and she took me along with her, and that’s when my obsession started with them. I didn’t realise how many of their songs I knew and it was definitely one of the best concerts I’ve been to, but I don’t think anything will ever beat Coldplay!


Sooooo March. March was a bit like January in the sense that not much actually happened. We had that major downpour of snow which was fun but then I was like ok u can go now, myself and Bethan did our first little car vlog together and I think making vlogs with B is one of my favourite things ever. Like there are so many things we do which just crack me up everytime and I can watch them whenever to cheer myself up if needed. Like all we do is drive around and sing songs and have good ol chats, a bit like carpool karaoke I guess! March was also the month where the red shoes were bought and brought out to play :)))))))) MY FAVES! Since getting them, I have had so many compliments on them so I’m like yaaaas best purchase evaaaaa.

A little still from our car chats… let me know if you wanna see any vids and I’ll pop a few snippets on instagram!

I remember pulling up in Castle Combe not really knowing what to do as I hadn’t really done any photoshoots like this so I was just sort of standing there, and when people started coming towards us I was like ‘ohhhhh boy here we go, this is officially the start of the blogger life’. We had fun though and it ended up being very successful!


The birth month of myself and Bethan. A good bit of celebration went on and I had sooo much fun on her bday outing as well as mine! I also got the leather jacket which I feel like I haven’t worn in like a decade and again, it’s one of my fave bits of clothing! Myself and Lauren also went to The Clash which is a rugby game between Bath Rugby (home team) and Leicester Tigers and had a lot of fun!

I actually think this is one of my favourite photos of me, idk why, maybe because I thoroughly enjoy the monochrome look.
The Clash, ft. wine in hand and the leather jacket
Bethan’s birthday, ft. g&t (already gone, shock) and the leather jacket AGAIN

My bday was super fun, brunch in the morning then drinks and asian food in the evening, what more could a gal want!!


Again, May was pretty dull. It had exams and a whole load of assignments, but then it was Anna’s prom and Alfie’s birthday, so of course, celebrations occurred (mostly for the prom),, but still got Alfie the most gorgeous lead/collar/bandana set and some cakes because I was too lazy to make him pupcakes. Me and Molly also went into Bristol to see Rita Ora after a MASSIVE FAF after she cancelled the first one and had to postpone it, but we got there in the end.

This is his ‘Grace, if you don’t hurry up and let me eat this cake I will bite your fingers off’ face. He proceeded to attempt to bit my fingers off.


I can’t really remember much from June, what I do know though is that those assignments really picked up and I think I went a liiiittle bit crazy from it. Us as a fam went to Cardiff to see Ed Sheeran (supported by Anne – Marie and it was again a fab concert, however, we all thought that Anne-Marie was a lot better than Ed….oops. Me and Bethan also went on a little day trip to Cotswold Wildlife Park and took a picnic and went on the little train trip and saw all the animals and had heaps of fun.

Don’t we look lovely ^^.


Yay, July was a month to remember. It was holiday timeeee AND I worked with an independent brand from Frome and it was soooooo much fun with the photoshoots and promotion! If ya don’t remember the millions of posts I did about them, the company was >> Gent Street << and they sell trainers and clothing and it is pretty cool, even I feel cool wearing the products, they have had a hell of a lot of wear since receiving them because comfort factor is insanely high and it looks goooood. LOVE. IT.

So we went to the South of France, I did do a >> blog post << on it so I’m not gonna talk about it much but we had 2 villa’s, I got ill but had a lot of fun and such an amazing time in a beautiful place!

Alex, who owns Gent Street, was ever so kind and kitted me out with a couple of tees and 2 pairs of trainers and like I said before, I am obsessed with everything! Me and Lauren went out and did a photoshoot with my friend Conor who is really into his photography so he took some pics of us around Lacock and they turned out so well.


So August was another fun one. When I got back from ma hols I saw so many of my friends throughout the month it was so much fun, like people were off from school/uni and work so it was super nice to have time to spend with them! I met up with Maddy and Em who are my faves from work at Bath Rugby and had a few drinks…also had my first drink from spoons, how I’ve managed to not go in and drink in there before I do not know but I am no longer a spoons virgin. Another outing was with Anna, Evie and Lauren and we all went to the New Forest Aqua Park because they have an inflatable course on the lake so we went there and then out for dinner afterwards and that was a lot of fun, however my swimsuit option probably wasn’t the best. Bit skimpy. Myself and Bethan also did another little car vlog which was loads of fun as we stopped off to get some chips and had a proper chat and answered questions that we were asked on Instagram (ended up not being able to edit the video so that was sad) but it was still very fun for the both of us. Last but not least, I had another photoshoot but this time it was with another blogger from Bath and it was so difficult trying to pose properly in such a busy place!

Turtle Bay, the bar you will usually find me in lol
We unintentionally matched with our swimmers and hair oops.
posey posey

Lighting on point


Now then, a busy month filled with fun times. NUMBER 1: Cornwall! Me, mum, dad, Anna and Matt (Anna’s boyf) and Alfie all went down to Cornwall for a few days to stay at a family friends holiday park which has a few super cute lodges. We went to the beach a fair bit and also did a bit of surfing which was pretty interesting! I had my wisdom tooth out the day after we got back which was also interesting. I had 1 taken out in 2017 and then1 in 2018, 2018’s tooth was a lot more painful than 2017’s as it was at a weird angle so I had a fair bit of swelling and a little bit of bruising so looked a bit square but I worked it….!?!?!? I also had the crazy orange cord jacket which caused a bit of a frenzy and got people all very confused and didn’t know what to think on my instagram in regards to the photos I got in them and how I styled it… most fun shoot I’ve ever done I think!
A bit more towards the end of the month, myself and Bethan thought it would be a great idea to go to Whitehall Garden Centre to have a sneak peek at their Christmas section and oh boy oh boy it did not disappoint. It was so magical and we even got matching Christmas slippers.

Possibly one of my favourite photo’s with Alf
Bethan came over and brought me flowers and sorbet to make me feel better, plus ice cream and sorbet were easy to eat when I couldn’t chew anything!
The big reveal as to which top I paired it was on my Instagram
We found these funky glasses and the temptation to buy these was off the scale


Bit of a quieter month. This month brought me ski boots, exam results, family hol and the huji app.
So for my Christmas present from le fam was a pair of ski boots as I NEEDED them for the ski season, like exaggeration on the needed, quite an essential when you’re in them almost everyday! We went to Bristol for them and got them properly fitted etc then we went to an indoor slope to try them out and they made a massive difference, so much more comfy than rental boots! I also received my exam results which was a pleasant surprise as I did a lot better than I expected…somehow…not sure how..
Now, the HUJI app. My all time favourite photo app (after VSCO and Lightroom ofc). I am obsessed with it, and I think I forever will be to be honest! It just makes pictures look soooo cool and it was perfect for Autumn as it was mostly orange and red tones in the pics so I’m like this is HEAVENLY for Autumn… me and Bethan are both very Autumnal people so it was perfect. We also went on another family hol to Lyme Regis which Grandma booked for us all and it was so lovely. It was also pretty decent weather from what I remember. It was quite chilly but the sun was out a lot so that was fabby!

A super cute flower shop in Frome and it was just calling out to me for me to take a picture using the HUJI app….


NEARLY THERE!!!!! November was an absolutely jam packed month. I had 2 weeks at home and then Canada came along. SO. I saw a few of my pals before leaving. Em came over for the day and we watched a couple of Christmas movies and took a trip to the shop to pick up provisions for lunch….nachos. THE MOST DELICIOUS THING EVER I NOW HAVE A MAJOR CRAVE DAMN.
Myself and Bethan also took a trip to Westonbirt as our annual thing.. think it’s been 3 years in a row now so we have done well! HUJI app came out to play and we took a lot of photos as well as walking around and looking at the trees?????????? In the evening I had organised a little leaving party with a bunch of family and family friends, so they all came over to our house and we did an M&S delivery for food and it was super yummy and we got quite drunk so that was fun, but it was so nice to see everyone before I left.
The weekend before I left, the 4 of us went to Giggling Squid in Bath and had a meal there with prosecco on the house I think which was very nice! Noodles are one of my all time favourite meals so that was a very good last meal out! Then the big day arrived. I’ve already done a >> Welcome to Canada << post so I won’t do anymore, but me and Molly arrived in Canada and we were so so tired it was unbelievable, but Spongebob at 5am in the morning was great.

One of the best cheesecakes I’ve ever had


December consisted of skiing, realising my knee was pained, many days of Netflix, Christmas and New Year’s Eve.
So at the beginning of December was our Level 1 exam and that lasted 3 days and we all passed which was beaut. We had an exam party and the hangover the next day was not pretty. I was sitting on the floor in the same position for about an hour when I was meant to be packing as we were moving into staff accommodation that day. Me and Molly are in an apartment together and it now looks super cute with fairy lights and tinsel up, as well as Phillip Schofield’s face on our fridge (thank you Mol’s fam for providing us with that). Christmas Day was super cute, pretty sure most of us skied/boarded during the day then all came back and started cooking for Christmas dinner. It was a super cute evening with a bunch of us drinking and playing games. Then it was New Year’s Eve a few days ago and we all went out which was a lot of fun. PLUS, my hangover in the morning wasn’t as bad and I think I’ve figured out why…..I didn’t drink my killer drink…………wine. Gonna try to stay away from it I think because I am never a happy bunny after drinking it.

Girl’s night.

That brings us into the new year and this blog post has honestly taken me
4 1/2 hours to write, thank goodness I split it into 2 days!!
2018 was actually overall a very good year for me as I surrounded myself with the best people and met up with Amber and Em from school who I hadn’t seen in like 2 years, so it was so nice to finally get back in contact with them!
My blog and Instagram took off which was a major surprise but was so amazing to watch! I worked with about 6 brands which was amazing and hope for more opportunities to come along this year because it is so enjoyable!
I’ve ended up in one of the most beautiful places ever and am having the bestest time ever out here. Even though I have spent 3 weeks out of work, prior to the LCL injury, it had been insanely good. Just about recovered and I am SOOOOOO ready to go back to instructing. The family flew out yesterday and are arriving in Jasper this evening and I am so excited to see them and to teach them the bits I have learnt hehehehe.

I’ll be sure to do another blog post soon, just give me timeee my huns and I’ll think of some good content! In the mean time, don’t forget to give me a follow on ma blog and Instagram! Thaaaaaanks x


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