And she’s back! Wasn’t gone for long but yno, this is an achievement to have 2 blog posts in 1 month!! Last year, I did a post called ‘keeping happy in 2018’ which was all about my top tips on how to make it the best year ever and I thought I would do another one and reflect back on how I coped last year! Currently I am pretty happy but then it kinda sucks…I’m stuck in bed with a nasty cold and a raging sore throat, HOWEVER I am eating chocolate ice cream, got a face mask on and listening to some of my new favourite songs.. one being Ariana Grande’s 7 rings and the other being a bit different.. Andrea Bocelli and Dua Lipa’s If Only (didn’t expect the combo but it works).
The first point I came up with was surround yourself with the best people. I ABSOLUTELY did that last year as I actually can’t think of any major arguments I had and as a whole I had a really good year. There obviously were some low times but the majority of the time it was all pretty high. I saw Bethan, Mol, Lauren, Em and Maddy loads as well as the fam (obviously), then coming out to Canada, my happiness levels have been so high because I am around some really fab people who are making this experience absolutely INSAAANEEEE! Getting soppy now but I gotta do a little shoutout to Bethan bc she has been like a rock to me over the past year and is literally like my favourite person ever as she is my duet partner, my photographer and the person who knocks the most sense into me! It’s crazy to think that during secondary school we didn’t really speak to each other and now when we are in the same country we are inseparable and have THE best times ever.. Who else would cry when they find out your car died?! I think it is important to have a best friend who is literally a part of your family because… well, I don’t know but I just think it’s an amazing thing to have. I’m lucky enough to have a few people who are these types best friends. 2018 was a good year friends wise for me as I got back in contact with old friends like Amber and Emily and made new ones which has been incred. Looking back on this has actually hit me in the feels because it’s crazy how much of an impact people can have on your life, whether it’s positive or negative! I am positive that 2019 will allow me to keep surrounding myself with the best people and that still is my Number 1 top tip for keeping happy.
My second point was complete things on your to-do list. So a year a go I didn’t really have a to-do list as such, other than keeping track of assignments and exam dates, but throughout the year I started having to do more important ‘tasks’ in the run up to coming to Canada and with my jobs (the many I had lol) etc. Now I am in Canada I don’t really have things on my to-do list, other than going to the post office or the shop. I have had a few Instagram messages and emails to respond to in regards to brand collaborations (got a couple lined up which I am SOOOO excited for and I reckon most of you guys will love), so I basically have to keep on top of emails to get work through my blog/Instagram and make my pictures and blog posts pretty and interesting!! I think this will be a big one for me this year as my goal is to increase the insights of my Instagram and blog and get a bigger reach from it. I think by having a to-do list this year for me will benefit me massively, especially when I leave Jasper and have absolutely no idea what I am going to do… Like mentioned in last years post, having deadlines is super good bc it gives you a set time when something has to be done by. Knowing me though, I’d keep putting it off… I’ve seen a few tweets which say something like ‘when you were meant to study at 9 but it’s 9:01 so you push it back til 10’. Kinda relatable?! I’ve been pushing this blog post back by days tbh.
Number 3 – Exercise!  YES YES YES. BIG YES. Last year, I was exercising a fair bit, whether that was at home or actually at the gym and I think when I needed to let off some steam or if I was stressed, it definitely helped me to relax as my mind was focused on something else. If you are a sufferer of anxiety like moi, all ya wanna do it get in a better and clearer headspace as a whole. After a crappy day (pardon the language) I always wanted to go home and just eat and binge watch Grey’s Anatomy or Gossip Girl. I mean, I still do that even after a good day but it’s not the same kinda feeling. It’s a strange one to explain but to overcome my anxiety, doing a bit of exercise whether that’s some yoga or going to the gym really helped. Being a full-time skier now has helped as I am out all the time, doing something I love in the most beautiful place and having fun and I don’t have time to worry about anything. Yes, there are times where I get anxious but I usually just keep it to myself or just go out alone and clear my head. I had a rocky couple of weeks when I got here but as I got more into the swing of things it got better. When I got injured that’s when I got knocked back again a little bit because everyone else was out, having fun and working and I was stuck at home with a sprained knee and I was SO frustrated that I had come all the way out here only to be out of work for a month and not skiing for 2 weeks, not to mention being in a lot of pain. Now I am back skiing I am having a much better time and loving life and my headspace is sooooo much clearer. From my experience, exercise is soooo good for helping with my anxiety and I can’t speak for others but it may help so maybe give it a go! The other benefit is that it keeps you hella fit. When I see results I literally jump around the house because I am so happy and proud that I’ve worked hard enough to get to where I am.
Having an early night…. Another one I will stand by. Last year I was silly and had later and later nights. So far this year, I’ve had about 5 or 6 late nights and have been ready for bed by 9:30 and sometimes asleep by 9:30 on those other nights. Not doing anything all day or napping are some of the biggest culprits of having a late night, the obvious one is going out or coming back from somewhere quite late. Napping is definitely a killer, I always feel rotten after I do but I’m always soooo desperate to have a little booster winning there. I reckon a good amount of us are guilty of having 1 too many late nights from being out drinking?! To be honest though, sometimes I lose track of time when watching a tv programme and then look at the time and it’s 1am which to some people is hardly a late night but for me that is a ridiculous hour to go to sleep :// Granny Grace over here eh..! But no, sometimes an early night can help you feel refreshed the next day and that’s what I need so I am not grumpy which I am prone to being when I wake up after a late-ish night oops. BUT THIS YEAR, I am SO ready to go to bed a load earlier. I definitely do not act 19 because an early night is exciting for me.. it’s heavenly.
My final tip which I am going to carry on through 2019 from 2018 is HAVE FUN AND GO CRAZZYYYYY! I’ll be honest, about half way through 2018, I came to the realisation that I absolutely loved my weird characteristics and really did not mind not being ‘cool’ when in public and that I really couldn’t give less of a …. what others thought. This was pretty difficult to get over and it took time but now I’m just like yep G just go crazy whenever you want to. When me and Bethan are together we are just in a whole different world I think… We act like kids in public by playing hide and seek and we are just always having a laugh. I remember we once just sat in her living room and we just had so much fun with snapchat filters and voice changers and it sounds really kinda odd but we ended up getting an inside joke out of it which will definitely stick with us for a while. Doing photoshoots together is also a lot of fun as when we pose we always get some kinda creepy dude walking past. One once walked past and said ‘lovely lovely lovely’ in a very slow and low tone. It has cracked us up since. Eventually you guys will see a video of me and Bethan and be like ‘ahh, so this is what she’s like’… should be excited for that one guys. But yeah, I think this point is the most important because having fun and being your inner self is always a mood lifter and can honestly make your day soooo much better.
So yeah, I know this is kinda similar to last years one but there are now A LOT more of you this time round so thought it may help those extra of you! If you have any tips for keeping happy PLEEASSEEEE let me know! Let’s make 2019 a gooood year huns xxxx Also, do keep your eye out on my Instagram (@gracegoodall) and my blog for the future collaborations because they are very exciting and are happening very soon (poss next week). G X


  1. Well done again, Grace. Very sound advice. You know I am a great fan of the excercise tip, especially outdoors and especially in beautiful or peaceful surroundings. Keep up the good work! You have come far……and you will go far! Very exciting! All the very best for 2019! xx

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