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So I know I have been an awful at putting posts up, I just haven’t done anything worthy of a post really. However, summer is coming up so expect more bits and bobs to come!

Back in May I had exams so I was revising a lot for those so couldn’t go out regularly:( At the moment, college is stressful as we literally have 2 weeks left with a lot of work left to do! I have also managed to bag myself a new job at Hollister which is a HUGE achievement! We’ve had the general election which I was able to vote in, it was mum’s bday, I’ve seen a lot of friends and had 1 too many mojito’s!

BUT YESTERDAY (June 15). I was quite poorly and so was in a bad mood for college. We had mock interviews that were being filmed which I was not looking forward to but I had to go in as they are a part of an assignment :/// so i had a SERIOUS lack of motivation and didn’t put much effort in…AND THEN in the evening we had an email through and found out that the videos are public so anyone can see them, and I was not impressed by it!!

I then posted an image on Instagram as I usually do, and some people decided to be petty and post it on their social media without my permission. They were mocking it. If it was on a better day I would not have reacted the way I did but I really blew up and was hurt by this situation (tears were involved). I did message the people who did this and they took it down, then I saw the same on Twitter and I ended up so so angry and it was by someone I hardly know (even more tears).

This is cyber bullying and this is nasty.

It is so easy nowadays to make a stupid and hurtful comment from your phone and it literally takes seconds to ruin someones day. It’s not nice to experience and it isn’t classed as ‘banter’ or ‘funny’. Please please please think about what you say to people before you actually go to say it.

If any of you guys ever end up in this situation, feel free to message me on here, Instagram or Twitter, or even just talk to someone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so so lucky that I have people around me who are so understanding and kind to me and I am forever grateful. If you cry and let it all out to someone, it makes you feel so much better and you realise that you are the better person in this and you just gotta love yourself and be positive!!!!

Sorry for the rant, I just wanted to make it clear that doing stupid things like saying a nasty comment or posting something not necessary isn’t ok.



I will link my outfit at the end 🙂

(Hyperlinks to what I wore are at the end, keep reading;) )

It’s been like a month since I posted last BUT this is an exciting post because IT WAS MY BDAY! I turned 18 (whichallmyinstafollowerswillknowtoowell) and the prep that went towards it was fab, and it most CERTAINLY paid off!! Dad was fab with going to town with it and it was soooooo much appreciated by myself and everyone who saw me over the weekend bc it made it FAB!

SO, Friday the 14th was my actual birthday. As it was Good Friday, and my last name is Goodall, making it Goodall Friday, which basically translates to Grace Day? Am I right? Let’s just go with it!!!! For aaages, I have been desperate to go for Brunch at Bills for my birthday but then we panicked when we realised we had a dog:/ ANYWAY, we managed to go and I had to have pancakes and the super green juice bc they are just the best and tastiest things ever! We also told the waiter that it was my birthday and he came over with and gave me a bottle of pink lemonade, which I have to say was delicious and disappeared very quickly once opened!

Bath Racecourse were having a Good Friday meeting so I wanted to go to that because it’s a nice lil outing! HOWEVER, IT WAS FREEZING…..but that didn’t stop us from having Pimms (and a good time)!!!! Some family met us there which was nice, so we could socialise b4 the mahoosive party! We did a little bit of betting but we weren’t very good at it so we chose not to.. but my cousin (who’s 10) made a bet (not by herself obvs) and she got £11 from her wonderful winning horse! HOW?!

After freezing our bottom’s off and a couple of Pimm’s later, we left to go home. After brunch, we headed down to Clinton’s to get the typical ’18’ balloons, of which they inflated for us, and I had to carry them through Bath high-street in a massive bag, and me, Lauren and Anna had the pleasure of sitting in the back seats squashed by these massive balloons all the way home! So worth it though, look at how cool they make any pics look!

When we got home, we had to put all the food out and get all the drink ready which didn’t take toooooo long thankfully, then everyone started to arrive…. when I say everyone, I mean about 40 people were in the kitchen at one point! As people arrived I opened cards and presents. I got so much stuff which I loved! One of the most exciting things I got was a suitcase that came with a mini one inside!!!!!!! EVERY TIME we go on holiday I have a suitcase which I am not a massive fan of, so I am so happy with to have my own one! Other bits I got included a watch, a satnav (so annoying but I love it), make up bits, jewellery, money for a holiday and LOADS of alcohol! We were up until about 12 and then went to bed… but we all basically peaked at 9pm :/

On Saturday the 15th we basically just chilled out and me and Lauren started getting ourselves ready for when we went out in the evening! Prep started at like 1 and finished at 6 :)))) We sorted our brows (so important) and got ourselves dressed n made up!


Me, Lauren, Molly and Liv went for a meal at Jamie Oliver’s, and Dad popped in to buy us some prosecco, but it was only me and Lauren drinking it because Liv and Molly were driving. We all went for a pasta dish, and oh boy, it was yummy! The only negative thing was a weird guy who was sitting next to us and kept looking at us all…. oh well.

Molly, Lauren and myself then headed up to the Slug & Lettuce to meet a couple of my other friends from my old school. Molly left after a while, and we all stayed for a few drinks and there were some rather odd people around but it was fun! We then headed down to Turtle Bay for a couple of hours and had a few drinks there. It was super great as both places had 2 for 1 drinks going, yay! Dad picked us up at around 12 ish and dropped Elishia and Jess home, and then me n Lauren got back at about 1:30, and went to sleep at around 2 ish. SUCH a late night and I was shattered the next morning, but cake for breakfast made it a bit better!

Hope u all enjoyed the insight to my bday outings n I guess u will see something very similar next year!


Birthday outfit: 

Bodysuit – Topshop, £32

Denim Jacket (not available) – Levi

Jeans – Pull & Bear, £19.99

Boots (not shown) – Ego, £34.99

Saturday outfit:

Dress – Motel Rocks, £50 (student discount – £38!)

Shoes (not available) – New Look, £19

Denim Jacket (not available) – Levi



SO, it’s been a while since my last post on here and we have changed seasons too!!!! IT’S SPRING! I think Spring is defo a fave season of mine bc everything looks so pretty and it is also my bday season!!

Anyway, to welcome the season, me, Anna and Alfie went for a walk which is only a 5 minute drive from our house. I put my camera in the car and picked Anna up from school with the dog in the front seat (always) then off we went! It wasn’t a really long walk but because we were taking pics along the way (and the dog was being dragged) it took longer than it should have done!

I hoped that there would be more flowers and trees would be fuller but we saw like 2 flowers and hardly any leaves on the trees:( But at least it was fairly sunny!



I love blue sky



Lil B&W pic

As Alfie was looking particularly cute with my keys/keyrings attached to him, I wanted to get pics of him as well as with him, and ohmyohmyohmy does he look adorable!

Doggy modelling portfolio?
Me and Alf have matching hair :/
My fave pic of him
Struggles of being weak

I left Anna with the camera as me and Alfie galloped off and she got a few cool pics but I will put the best one on here.

*Creds to Anna*

And then ofc I got one of Anna and Alfie and I just love it

‘Alfie, pose’

This is hopefully the first of many Spring posts because I think I will do loads more over the next couple of months and will defo document it!

I’ll leave ya to a pic showing how happy I am now it has changed to my fave season..




Christmas! – December 24, 25 & 26

Happy Christmas!!!!!!!!! Sorry it’s late but better late than never? Aaaanyway, I think it’s time for a new post and what better to do than to do a post on what I did from Christmas Eve to Boxing Day!

Christmas Eve

So every year on Christmas Eve, we go to Gran’s house and order a Chinese! Because I’m a boring vegetarian, I ordered vegetable noodles because they are sooooo yummy and I am forever craving noodles (want some now… oops)! I had made my mini gluten free Victoria Sponge’s because they are a cute n tasty dessert and are easy to make! Anyway, we left after a while and had a good sleep to prepare for a hectic Christmas Day!!!!!

Christmas Day!!!!!

The big day had finally arrived!!!!! I struggled getting to sleep because I was quite excited little a little kid (I’m coming up to 18…oh well!). But in the morning, I had a long lie in and then went through to the kitchen to see everyone. We all opened our stocking presents, quite late in the morning but who cares, but me and Anna both got THE COOLEST slippers! They look like those no-show socks with like a fluff ball at the end (SO COOL), I wore them all day at Christmas and I haven’t stopped wearing them since! We were hosting this year so we had Gran, Grandma, Auntie, Uncle and our cousin, as well as 3 dogs and a puppy!!!!!!


At one point we had all the dogs dressed up in something. Bear was in his little jumper as shown in the pic above, Alf was in his snowman outfit, Breeze was in Alfie’s santa hat and Twig was in a ‘sexy santa’ outfit which looked brilliant. I wish I got a picture of them all but it was all very exciting for them all to be together!

We sat down for lunch at about 1 ish, where we had a large amount of food! As there were so many of us, we had to bring in another table to go next to the other table, which meant there was more space for the food! We had camembert and baguette to start with and it is just my favourite! Mum had made a nut roast for the veggies and then the meat eaters had turkey (obvs). Once we had finished, we went into the lounge to open presents!!! There were so many under the tree! Me and Anna were both v v lucky because we are going to see Justin Bieber AND Collabro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Somehow, I think I’m more excited about Collabro, but then I was amazed we were going to see JB, agh, love them both!! I also got a new ski jacket of which I saw but was too pricey at the time, then dad was sneaky and got the last size 8 in the UK! It is so cosy n I luvvvv it (as you can tell by looking at my Insta..)! Anna got me some eyebrow bits from The Body Shop which I had spotted (and needed!) as well as getting me some firefly lights from UO which I had also spotted and claimed I liked (and needed again;)). She scores sister points for that! But then my sister points rocketed! I was so excited to give Anna hers because I was really proud of myself for getting her them! Anna has needed a scarf for so long now, so I decided to get her a very soft n snuggly scarf from Boohoo, AND MY FAVOURITE THING I HAVE EVER BOUGHT WAASSSSSS………. A MOANA TSUM TSUM! Anna went through a real craze of liking Moana and we love singing it in the car, so I thought why not get her something Moana related! I went onto the Disney store and it went straight into my basket! I was so excited for it to come but was worried it wouldn’t come in time!!!!! But it did and Anna loved it thankfully! I got Mum a mug from Anthropologie which I thought was cute (maybe because I have one very similar??) as well as a LITTLE pom pom for her bag. I exaggerated little because my history of buying pom poms hasn’t been great, as shown in a previous post…the bright pink fluffy ball called Julie? Anyone remember?! Anyway, it was a suitable size and so mum liked hers!! For Dad, I did the classic Grace to Dad present giving…..socks. I love buying them and this year, one of the pairs had dinosaurs on them, so he’ll be the coolest dude in his meetings! I also got him some pretty cool chopsticks because he also loves a bit of Chinese! From some family friends, Dad also got a selfie stick which has already been used and it will help Dad with his selfie taking skills!


After the present opening fun, we went for a little walk down a lane near us, just to burn off some of the Christmas dinner we had all had!

After LOADS of cuddles with the puppy, everyone went home apart from Grandma who stayed overnight. We felt a bit lost when we had nothing else to do, so we just chilled and had some toasted teacakes before bed 🙂

Boxing Day

Boxing day is basically a day of chilling out n eating left overs (which taste even better the day after?). Alfie and Breeze were happily playing throughout the day, making it easy for us, then Breeze took one of Alfie’s Christmas presents (a burger!) and Alfie looked very jealous!

We went on a chilly walk with the 2 dogs down the valley, and me and Anna were chasing them through the fields which was fun, would’ve been better if I was fitter (getting there!) :/ Then we came home to warm up!


So that concludes the main 3 days in December!! Sorry it’s soooo late! Gossip Girl has taken over my life for the second time so I was a bit distracted.. whoops!



A Very Christmassy Week! – December 4 , 10 & 11 

Here’s a game. You score a point for each time you spot the word Christmas, Christmassy or festive. Or for the older lot of you (18+ obvs), have a shot, it’s Christmas so go mad.

So between the 4th and 10th of December, NOTHING Christmassy was happening so I can’t include those days, however both weekends got me feeling festive! So this weekend just gone (10 &11)  we had a family Christmas meal at Grittleton House which is something we do every year with most of Dads side of the family. Myself and Anna get a new dress for this little occasion so we HAD to scout for something! Thankfully, I managed to find myself a slip dress from Zara pretty quickly, however Anna had a bit of trouble finding something. Literally though, there is nothing in the shops that we like at the moment (which has a plus side – I’m not spending!)!!!!!!!!!!! So on the 4th, we went to the Swindon Outlet to try and find her something if possible. It was very unsuccessful but we got a couple of cakes from Patisserie Valerie which was a bonus! We also had a scout for ski wear as we are going skiing in February again so might as well get prepared early! There was a nice jacket in Tog24 but a bit toooo pricey! Relying on Christmas sales now!

We also went into John Lewis to look for christmas pressies because they always have some cute, gifty bits! But OH MY GOODNESS was it festive! They had so many little Christmas bits on display at the front and I loved it!

On the morning of the 10th, we went to chop down our Christmas tree! We left it a little bit late this year, so we chose it and brought it home on the same day. We always go to the same place which is down a little lane about 5/10 minutes away from where we live. The weather was hor ri ble. It was chucking it down with rain and I didn’t have a hood on my coat 😦 There was a hella lot of deliberation between a tree I wanted and a tree Anna wanted, so we tossed a coin and I won so we got my tree. Because we were choosing for so long meant that we got even more wet :/ We got back to the car literally dripping but we got home n I had a nice shower!


In the evening, I met up with my good friend Bethan and we went into Bath for a little bit of Christmas shopping and to look around the Christmas market. As she was staying over night at mine, we went in to Primark, and of course, got pyjamas. Not just any pyjamas though. They were Christmas pyjamas….that were really really soft n fluffy…..which had robins on and a pom pom on the robins hat. I will live in these forever more.

We came home, had dinner, watched Strictly and Xfactor with a cup of tea and a mince pie.. of course, this was done in our pyjamas.

In the morning, Dad had cooked bacon and sausages and mushrooms and then a bit of toast too. As I don’t eat meat, I settled for pancakes. I tried to do them gf for Dad, but the mix turned out as the consistency of custard?? They tasted good though 🙂

I took Bethan home mid morning, and then came back and had about 30 mins to get ready (make-up, hair, get dressed and drive). I did it though! I wore my new Zara dress with a plain black long sleeve top and my new boots from EGO which I am IN LOVE with. We had food and had lots of chats and then we finally got home to relax.


Apologies for being the WORST Christmas blogger ever! Maybe I will be better next year! Sorry it’s been a lengthy post, I didn’t realise I had so much to write about!

I counted 16 words, how drunk is everyone??



Westonbirt –  November 13

Myself and my friend Bethan both have the same kinda loving towards the Autumnal vibe SO, what more to do than to go for a walk to get a fitting blog post! We went to Westonbirt Arboretum (a place with loads of trees for those who don’t know) and as I have passed my driving test (YAY!) I drove us both there, however with y dodgy driving and Bethan’s horrendous navigation skills, it took us a while to get there! Oh well! We got there and as we stepped foot on the new walkway, I could tell all the colours were spot on for what I was imagining!

We did attempt to throw the leaves in the air to get the typical autumn shot however it didn’t really go to plan as seen below.

We kept walking along the paths and seeing more and more bright colours. There was one tree though that deserves to be acknowledged because it is gooorrrgeeeousssssssss!!!!

The last lot of pics we took, I think were some of the best…

Bethan getting that edgy shot of the tree…
Me ft Julie the keyring

So yeah! That was our cute lil walk! Afterwards we decided to come back to mine where we had a lil cuppa and looked at all the photos we took!

Hope you enjoyed a SECOND Autumn post on this lil section on my blog but oh well!!