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LONG POST ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAHAYYY here we are againnn ma honeys!!!!!! I got back from my hols last Sunday (28th??!) and have gone straight into action since I’ve been back! It’s been pretty non-stop! Monday I went for some drinks with ma gal pals, Tuesday I caught up on the Love Island final and had an informal interview at TM Lewin (got the job btw), Wednesday was pretty much a chill day I think, Thursday was MENTAL!!! Me, Lauren, Anna and my cousin Evie went to the New Forest water park and it was crazy, I probably drove close to 100 miles no joke, BUT was worth it because it was such a fun day out and had a delicious meal afterwards in Prezzo, then Friday I had the gym at 9am (I struggled) and then saw Bethan and we went for a lil drive around for a catch up and a sing song, Saturday was my flop day, I was baso in bed all day, Sunday we went over to Gran’s for a bbq in the evening, THEN this Monday, I started my new job! It was quite nice being busy tbf and actually having a job to go to as I had finished at Barclays the week I went on holiday so it worked out pretty well! I’ll tell you what though, I am absolutely shattered, like my screen is now very blurry and my eyes are struggling to stay open!! Going from staying in bed with a nasty throat for 3 days to jam packed days, it hits ya hard!

SO, I did a lil insta poll like I seem to aalwaayssss do at the moment (they are just fun) to see what you all fancied reading on my blog. The 2 options given were a photo diary or a written diary… the photo diary got the most votes, but THEN, in came the next poll asking if you wanted a doubler and it proved popular, so I thought I’ll do the photo diary first then go for the written one…. and then here we are…finally…about time G, about time 🙂 the photos were just not happy with me, they were all ready to post but they weren’t fancying making a move over to my laptop :////

To be honest, I haven’t really planned out this post so it could be all over the place, however I will try and make it as logical as possible..

Villa Number 1..

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We basically had 2 villas because the first villa we loved but could only have it for 1 week which worked well as we had Grandma with us so we could all fit in! It was massive to be fair. Huge pool, 4 bedrooms, massive kitchen, cute chill out spots, big lounge, it was very nice to say the least!
Villa number 1 was in Cavalaire-Sur-Mer, which is close to where we used to stay when we were little.
Whilst in this villa we went into the town for dinner, visited St. Tropez and went a couple of towns along for a beach day (which turned extremely stormy).

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The cosy, outside area which was my fave place
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Spot the yachts…
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Could you guess we were in St. Tropez?
The wind wasn’t ma pal but the sunset was 
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St. Tropez | Boules pitches
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St. Tropez | Pre-dinner walk
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St Tropez | Pre-dinner pose

St. Tropez was the most photogenic place as you could probably imagine, with all the fancy yachts and the beautiful designer shops e.g. Miu Miu, Dolce & Gabbana etc. However, we figured that a bottle of water cost more than the wine at dinner :)))))

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Le Lavandou | Pre- storm. It was also quite cold 
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Photogenic book cover alert

Every holiday, I make sure I take a book with me. It took me 3 weeks to read this years one. Not because it is bad. I just don’t read much. This years book was >> ‘The F Word’ << by Lily Pebbles and it was so so relatable. It was very interesting to read because it is all about friendship and growing up I have definitely encountered 80% of the friendships she has described. I think I will re read it in a few years time because as I get older I will have made and maybe lost friends so it will be interesting to see how much everything has changed and if I match my friends to the same ‘friendship category’ as I do at 19!

Villa Number 2.. 

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Our second villa was much closer to the airport this time thankfully so we didn’t have to drive as far!!! Before we got to the villa, Dad was telling us ‘oh don’t get your hopes up for this one, it won’t be as nice as the other one’, he was wrong. This one was so quirky and cool and the pool was infinity style and I had a MAHOOSIVE bedroom with a comfy double bed which came in handy for when I was super duper ill :/ Thankfully they had (French) scrabble which kept us occupied in the evenings, we had a bit of an addiction because it was fun, me and Anna teamed up a few times to make it great..!

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We stayed in a little place called Theoule-Sur-Mer and we were literally a 5 minute walk from the beach which was lushhhh! On like the second day I think it was, we all went to do kayaking/ paddle-boarding. Myself and Mum took the kayak leaving Dad and Anna on the boards which was rather amusing as Dad had some spectacular falls. The third day was when I started coming down with the bad throat which sucked because we ended up going to the pharmacy about 3 times (mostly because me and Dad wanted to see the lovely looking guy in there) to get stuff for it because I couldn’t sleep or eat or talk 🙂 Anyway, the others went off into Cannes bc I was not well enough to go and brought me back a cute lil bracelet, but in this villa we pretty much just chilled which was nice.

Dad’s photo | Train station when they went off to Cannes
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The view from the back of the villa
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IDEK where this is but I liked the look of it and I had a really nice donut thing on the beach 
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Then me and Anna had a major photoshoot day 
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And we got a lot of pictures (Insta | @gracegoodall )

The little beach near us was sandy but a bit further over there was a pebbly one which looked so cute but it was so rocky I probably would’ve definitely hurt myself..

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Pretty much all of my outfits this year were a combination or Topshop, UO and Zara, and my bikini’s were mostly from Shein but one from Pimkie on ASOS, then I mixed and matched some with old ones on other days.
The MOST asked about item of clothing was definitely my >> blue sandals << from Topshop! I have received so many compliments and requests it’s mad!! I’ve just linked them above so check them out if ya fancy a pair for they are comfy n look lushhh!

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Our infinity pool was so so amazing we could not stop staring over the side every time we went in so obvs many, many, many pics were taken to show the ‘infinity’ side to it and they came out lookin preeettyyyy cool…well, most of them did anyway.. a few are questionable……


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Tried not to get my upper body wet so had to take a massive step to the shallow bit…
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It was a bit of a struggle….

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So yeah, thats the holiday post basically! I kinda went into a lot of detail so there may not be a need for another proper written holiday post but we can get another insta poll up to see who actually wants the double whammy!
Gotta try n think about other things I can post about now because I have no upcoming event style things and I am too broke to even buy any clothes to show off, although I do have quite a fun product I wanna show off so maybe you will see that in a week or so!! Keep ya eye on my insta and twitter for post updates!
Hope this post was satisfactory enough and it makes sense! I’m so tired rn im sitting in bed typing away with my little under eye mask things on. Time for more Greys Anatomy and a cup of tea I think!









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