Hi again. How great has England been recently? We’ve had the sun, Love Island, I have eaten a LOT of carbs, and it nearly came home (bit of a sore subject still?).
Anyway….LENGTHY BUT INSANE POST ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This post is gonna be informing you about one of my newest finds and what they offer because THIS is worth talking about.
I recently came across a company called >> Gent Street << via Instagram and let me tell you, I think this will become my go-to for all shoes and tees’s which make me think I’m cool. The majority of you who are reading this will DEFO want to keep reading bc you’re all cool n trendy aren’t you? So this post is for you.

Starting with the tee’s..

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Myself and Lauren (insta – @laurenpalms) went into the store in Frome and had a little look around and picked up some BEAUT products (which we then immediately put on when we got home & their first outing was to Pizza Hut… for carbs obvs). The t-shirts we were ever so kindly given did not get a try on until we did the little photoshoot. We woke up nice n early, had a little search for holidays and then started outfit planning for the day. Honestly, it is a lot harder than what I thought. For my usual shoots, I just whack anything on that sort of goes and take pics, however as these are actually very stylish products and ‘in’, we had to plan, especially as there were 4 products to work with. We put a load of clothes on our beds and tried to match everything up, and I think we did a good job??! Pretty cool n caj I think.?.
The colours of the tee’s are actually insane I just want more and more. Pastel colours at this time of year just work. The one’s we got are yellow (Butter) and lilac (Orchid).

The overall verdict is that they are the comfiest and best quality tops I have ever tried on (wearing it right now) and they surprisingly go with anything. PLUS, yellow is potentially my new fave colour to wear.

My T >> Gent Street Essential Tee << in Butter. £20.

Lauren’s T >> Gent Street Essential Tee << in Orchid. £20.

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Now onto the shoes.. 

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My pair are the >> Saucony Jazz Original Vintage << in Muted Clay.  £70

Lauren’s pair are the >> Saucony DXN Vintage << in white, purple and pink. £75

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

I’m not just saying this, but I think that Gent Street is my new fave just because the products are so high in quality, the range of brands is insane and the COMFORT factor is just out of this freakin world!!!!!!!!!!!! Wearing the products for 12 hours straight when travelling is impressive don’t ya think?!

If anyone wants any more info on the products from Gent Street, give me a message on insta or give me an email (all contact deets are in my ‘about me’ section) OR visit Gent Street’s instagram page (@gent_street) or website (>> <<) to see the range of products. If you are local to the Frome area, defo pop into store because it will not disappoint!


All photo’s on this post – >> CONOR DUNNE PHOTOGRAPHY <<











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