I’m so sorry but I haven’t actually got a name for this post yet… so if you have any ideas for a title, do send them across to me and I will be eternally grateful.
For the time being though, I’ve got to give credit to Amber Gumbrill as she came up with the glorious title you can see above… and it will probably stick! It’s a bloggers world!!!

Hey! Hope everyone is well. Busy week this week for me! Work work work, dinner and drinks and then Cornwall! I have also made myself more poor as I sent off my final payment for the ski internship, so I am down by a few grand, however I am BUZZING to go as we have received the date we leave and so now I just need to get shopping and prepped!!!!!
Also, has anyone else been watching Love Island Australia? Because I have and I am hOoKeD (and a bit behind)! So much more dramatic than the UK one, plus better looking guys?????!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have FINALLY got round to doing this post! I’ve been meaning to do it for aaages, however my pictures were being extremely stubborn and did not want to upload to my laptop 🙂 But I have finally done it and the blog post is being written! My next one WILL be done much quicker as I know what I want to do with it and won’t be taking as many photos for it, but it is an exciting one and I think most of you will L O V E it!

So like I said, I have come down to Cornwall for a few days with the fam and I am using the free time I have to write this GLORIOUS post, even though I should really be getting myself ready to go out, but I mean, priorities?!!

Anyway. the whole point of this blog post is to let you guys know about my ‘latest’ finds (even though they are like 2 weeks late).
So I really really wanted a black and white skirt with a frill…don’t ask me why because I quite honestly could not tell you the answer but I think they are cute and make me feel like the dancing lady emoji in a way..!?!? Like I can wiggle and it moves.. weird but fun.:)))))) It’s from Boohoo and was a lovely price so I was very willing to purchase! I just wish I had bought it before holiday!!!!


I thought it would be something I had to share with ya all because it is just gorgeous, and can be worn as a casual or fancy piece. It goes with trainers, heels and boots so it is one hell of an all rounder!
Another blogger from Bath got in contact and we both thought it would be nice to meet up and have a coffee bc it’s nice to get to know other people who have the same interests as you, so you can share tips and have a good ol chit chat. We also did a little photoshoot as she has a proper camera so we were able to get some good pics. She showed me some good spots for photo’s, and they worked a dream. We went up to the top near Boston Tea Party and Bath Fashion Museum because it’s suuuuper pretty and quite quiet, although the odd person came round and seemed to want to get involved!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

I also ordered a little cross body bag from Topshop because I have been in need of a small bag for my quick trips into Bath so I’m not carrying my big tote bag with unnecessary things in it.. for example, deep heat.. goodness knows why that is still in there!

I went for a baby pink because who doesn’t love a good baby pink colour. I kinda wanted red because it is more autumnal, however I saw this one on Topshop and it was an absolute bargain. I was looking on Depop but they were a bit more expensive and then there was postage, but with Topshop, delivery is free when you order into store so it was a win win in this situation!

When I say it was an absolute bargain…I mean it was… £8. £8 for a cute, pretty, good quality cross body bag which is exactly what I wanted. It’s the Ottie Cross Body Bag, however it is sold out in every.single.colour. So unfortunately I am unable to link it but here are some similar ones that I found:


Pairing the pink satchel and my pink Saucony trainers from Gent Street made THE perfect combo and I think that it will appear many more times over the next couple of months!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

After my little photoshoot in Bath, I picked Bethan up as we needed a catch up and near me there is a beaut field full of sunflowers and it is just amazing….. soooooo…. prime blogger place. Very photogenic place to get some amazingly colourful pictures! I’m very lucky and I am so so thankful to the person who planted them because they are such a gorgeous place to just go and see, regardless of pictures!!! In fact, someone I work with was admiring the pictures that were taken and made me show them to other people because she was so in love with them!
Bethan has the Huji app which is the one everyone is using at the moment with the date at the bottom or side of the pic, so we took some pics on there and I kinda love it ngl! Photo creds go to Bethan bc she got ma angles on point and we were in and out of the field within 10 minutes!

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

With me being me (slightly naughty and weird) I had to do one cheeky pic which you could probs predict I would do if you knew me…. however I thought it was a really good and pretty look tbh..


I mean, welcome to my world 🙂


Credits to Izzy Manuel and Bethan for these pics. Good job gals xxx

Also credit to Amber for the title, very imaginative xxx


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