So, the red jacket. After longingly looking at them for all my years at ski school, I’ve FINALLY got one of my own and I couldn’t be happier! Basically I passed the Level 1 exam so therefore am a ski instructor and get the red jacket. I’m pretty sure everyone passed so happy days for us, but there are now a LOAD of instructors but it is getting a lot busier now so it means more lessons so yah, I think a pretty hectic schedule is heading our way. 

But yeah, update on skiing – absolutely loving it, even though I’ve sprained my MCL (god knows how) which has put me out for a little bit which is super annoying because i am sooooo eager to ski and teach, BUT once it’s good I will be so ready to get back to it. Plus, fingers crossed, I won’t be in pain for Christmas!!!!

Last Tuesday we had a little exam party and I’m not gonna lie, I was very hungover the day after which happened to be moving day (moved from the hotel into staff accommodation), but y’no, after sitting in the same position on the floor for an hour in the morning, I managed to get on and off the bus (no idea how, thanks for making me stand up though Molly xxxx). 

It’s so nice being an instructor because we can ski throughout the day when we aren’t teaching so we can go wherever. The run (the pic below) I absolutely hated to start with, I now love because I’ve done it loads and the snow is getting better on it which is a major bonus. We had a dump of snow last night so there was quite a bit of powder around but we want mooooreeeeeee. 

yep, that’s me

In the staff accommodation building, the Simply Snowsports group have been put on opposite sides of the building, BUT we all still chill with eachother and have fun. Last night we had a girls night with some drinks and had a little boogie to some throwback songs and just had a nice night! I am glad I stopped drinking when I did though, otherwise I would’ve struggled even MORE with my school group this morning! I think wine will be my drink of choice for this season even though it is also my death drink but I’ll get past that….???
I seem to remember we thought we looked like a girl band so we went for the classic album cover look and below is the outcome.. I kinda love this picture, do we think the fallen curtain behind makes it?! 

This is where we are at the moment. Teaching, injured and drinking, such a great trio.

See you soon for further updates! If anyone has ANY questions about doing a ski season or anything, hit me up n I’ll try n answer :)) 


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