(Just letting you know, I am writing this whilst pretty much half asleep and using a new layout on the website so if it goes horribly wrong, you now know why)
Oooooook then. Guess who’s successfully made it to Canada. Yep. Me. And Molly. Can you believe it? Because I can’t.  Like I’m away for a VERY long time and I’m in one of the most b e a u t iful places ever! Mental to think I’m here for so long but I’m absolutely BUZZED about it! At least I’m spending 6 months with one of my all time favourite people!!! 
I’m sure in future posts I will tell you all about the course I am doing and the little bits of info, but for now I will give you the low down of it all…
– I am doing a 3 week instructor internship and the company I am doing it through is called >> Simply Snowsports << and they offer a load of courses! (Defo have a looksie if you’re interested in doing a season or a course) 
– I have come to the gorgeous town of Jasper which is about a 25 minute ish drive from Marmot Basin which is where we ski. 
– There are about 14 of us with Simply Snowsports and everyone is so lovely and easy to get on with which is a major bonus in any new situation! 
That’s literally THE MOST basic description of where I am/what I am doing but I’ll runoutofblogcontentifikeepgoing………great blogger 

I am SERIOUSLY lacking in photos, like I’ve only got 4 I think, which for me is veeeerrryyyyyy poor, but I will be trying to showcase them all throughout the blog….eventually. 

But yeah, we (me and molly) arrived last Tuesday, stayed in a hotel in Calgary overnight and then met up with the rest of the group on the Wednesday. The plane journey was great, very long, but still quite enjoyable. I finally got round to watching Mamma Mia 2 which I was sooooo happy about. I got through about half of the new Incredibles movie and also watched The Meg which was pretty freaky but enjoyable, so yeah, safe to say I was satisfied with the film options provided by Air Canada:) The drive to Jasper was very long so I’m glad we split up the journey over 2 days. The drive took us about 6 hours I think, I can’t really remember, all I know is that I was extremely tired and it was pretty late. 
The food is great (always a MAHOOSIVE bonus) and the skiing/mountain is pretty impressive too. 

When we aren’t skiing it can be pretty difficult to pass time so we’ve bought cards AND I bought a book before I came out..can you belive it?! I am very very happy with my last minute book purchase, >> The New Fashion Rules <<. It’s by Victoria Magrath who is also known as Inthefrow (YouTuber & Blogger) and it’s all about the new fashion and how its changed over the years. I am honestly obsessed with it even though I am SUCH a slow reader, like I was hooked from the front cover to be completely honest with you. Reading it with a freakin incredible view too is a bit of a cherry on top of the cake. I would 100% recommend it if you are even ever so slightly into fashion because it is so so so relatable from what I have read to far it’s great. I am obsessed over bloggers books arent I! Lily Pebbles’, >> The F Word << , was blaaady incredible too if I didn’t mention it in my holiday blog post!! 

But yah, there’s a little insight to my first couple of weeks in Canada.. there should  hopefully be more content coming your way soon but it won’t be super frequent…. not that it is usually but you know what I mean. Somehow, I don’t think there will be many fashion blog posts happening for I am mostly in ski gear and pjs. 
Let me know if there is anymore content you want me to write about, i.e. not going to uni etc (one of my many blogging ideas..) and then I can get that all written out in my spare time and give you a read!!



  1. Oh thanks Grace! Just great to read your Canadian blog. Loved it and so pleased you are having a great time. Can’t wait for the next instalment! Glad you have some good friends and that the food is good. ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY! Lots of love 💜💜💜💜

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