HEEEELLOOOOO STRANGERS! Hope you are all well! I am BACK (for probably this post and then I’ll be away for another month knowing me :)) ).
Just thought I had better do a little life update for everyone as I have been off the radar a lil bit with the blog and it’s a very exciting time! I hit 10k followers on Instagram AND I am jetting off to Canada!
My last ‘life update’ post was almost a year ago now which is crazzyyyy because I thought I did one in June oops..!

I said last year that I completed my first college year… I have now completed my second one and did a whole lot better than I thought I had in regards to grades so yay for that! I had ANOTHER job from July – October working in a suit shop can ya believe it?! Going from stationary to banking to suits lol oops.

2018-11-03 15:11:42.203

I decided against uni pretty much this time last year as a sort of last minute decision. One of my best friends from school said to me that she knew I wouldn’t go to uni, so looks like she was right! (Always listen to your friends huns). I may have mentioned in other posts but I’ll repeat… instead of uni I am doing a ski season with ma pal Molly and we leave on TUESDAY!!!!! WHAAATTTTTTT?! We booked it in February and time has flowwnnnn by, like I am still buying last minute bits.. so prepared as per…. not. But yeah, I’m out for 6 months so it’s a very long season and I think I am going to be absolutely knackered after the first week but I’ll get into the swing of it all I’m sure!
This is going to be the first time I’ve spent a long period of time away from home which is freaky but cool at the same time. AS WELL AS THIS, I’m not spending Christmas with my family </3. Thank goodness for FaceTime eh?! To be honest though, I will probably be working on Christmas day which is crazy to say out loud but I’ll be skiing so it will be heaps of fun!

I had a little leaving do on the weekend with some family and close friends which was nice and I had quite a few prosecco’s which probs wasn’t a good idea but I can pretend to be sober when I want to be (may not look it though) which is allll good.


Apart from all the skiing prep and work, I haven’t done much else. Mainly drinking, brunching, shopping, chilling, binging Greys Anatomy, obsessing over the huji app and watching christmas films.

IMG_2661Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

As a family we went to Lyme Regis for a second year running at the end of October for a long weekend because we laaav it there and it was super cute to chill with the fam and eat fish and chips and amazingly yummy pasties and have really cold and windy walks along the cobb and beach. We also carved pumpkins as it was close to Halloween.. can you guess which on I did..?!

2018-10-28 11:38:54.339

I’m not sure how much blogging I will be able to do whilst I’m in Canada, but if you keep up to date with my instagram you will likely see a lot of content of my day-to-day activites and you’ll be a part of the adventure!!!



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