HIYA! Thought I’d come back, say hey and give ya a lil blog post. This was originally going to be an IGTV, however I filmed it and I really didn’t like it so scrapped that and thought a blog post was better! I tend to get a lot of messages about what skincare products I use, so here we are!

So in like November last year it was getting colder and I thought ‘right, skin isn’t going to like this, lets treat it to some really nice products’… I probably spent too much on them (and still do) however I’ve found that being kinder to my skin has made it be kinder to me, so thankfully draining the bank account was worth it!
I did have a gander on Space NK to begin with and that then began the addiction to the company. The Space NK shop in Bath is literally a 2 minute walk from where I used to work so it was easy to just pop down there at lunch.
I took a lot of inspiration from Zoella actually. I feel as though I can trust her opinion on things so hence why I chose products based on her recommendation. But since November, the collection has kept on growing so here are my staple products!

Ok so number 1 is the >>Mudmasky ‘Leave-Me-On Winter Mask‘<<.

I have loved this brand for so long but it has always been slightly too pricey for me, so THANKFULLY it came in one of my Glossybox orders! I find that it is perfect for putting on in the mornings before you do anything else to your face as it kinda sinks in and moisturises everywhere. I tend to focus more on the areas that are typically drier than others and I find that that helps quite a lot. I’ve tried a few of their other products too and I’ve found that it is definitely well worth the money!

My second fave is the >> Dr Jacksons Everyday Oil << .

I also use this product everyday, in the morning and in the evening. I find that it hydrates my skin, helps sort out problematic areas, and smoothens it..and it smells absolutely incredible. This one gets bonus points because it can be used on your face, hair and cuticles so you really cannot go wrong with this product! I do use another oil but still getting used to it so maybe it will be on my next post!

Number 3 is the >> Oskia Renaissance Cleansing Gel <<.

This is genuinely one of my fave purchases everrrrr. It lasts for so long because you only really need to use 2-3 pumps a day and it goes in so beautifully, I’ve never used a cleanser like it! I pretty much always apply this with my >> Foreo Luna << unless I’m in the shower and need to quickly cleanse, then I would just use my hands and rub it in, but the Foreo Luna defo gets my skin feeling sooooo good, and again, it smells amazing!

My fourth fave is the >> Mario Badescu Seaweed Night Cream <<.

With this one, a little bit goes a long way! It gives my skin a hydrating and smooth feel before I go to bed and a refreshing feel when I wake up. This would tend to be the last skincare product I use in the evening, usually after I’ve cleansed etc. I got this from Anna for xmas so she nailed that one.

The fifth skincare product is another Mario Badescu one and it is the >> Facial Spray <<.

I would usually use this again in the evening as the lavender smell helps me sleep, so I would spray it over my face almost like a setting spray after I’ve moisturised and then sometimes I’ll spray it over my pillow too. It’s also good for getting like a ‘dewy’ kinda look when you do your make-up or even to just get a glow when you go without! I really love using Mario Badescu products because they suit my skin well and I always see improvements whenever I use it.

My final skincare product recommendation is the >> Nip+Fab Teen Skin Spot Zap <<.

Now, I have only used this product once but I already love it. I’ve had a couple of annoying breakouts recently and so I was like I really need to sort these out ASAP, so I went into Boots and came across this Nip+Fab product! I put it on after cleansing and woke up with almost no breakouts so I will be raving about this product to all my friends and family from now on bc I’ve officially made it a staple to my skincare collection!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this and if you have any questions about them or other recommendations I may have, let me know or DM me!
I’ve actually quite enjoyed doing this post so maybe I should do more like it???? Like helping you guys out/answering your questions. Idk, we will see!

Everything should be linked so all good for you to check them out!

G x

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