Hello all. How are we? Little bit of a crazy time in the world atm with this global pandemic but I hope everyone is keeping well and safe and not losing their minds too much! I’ve not been doing too much but managing to entertain myself with Disney+ and lots of yoga. Also, hayfever is in full force and so that’s defo dragging me down with tiredness and a general crappy feeling which is JUST G R E A T.

Since Corona barged into our lives, I’ve celebrated my 21st bday which turned out to be a very good day with the family and friends (virtually), playing dress up and doing a virtual pub quiz! I’ve had a couple of collabs which have been good as well, and I’ve been keeping up with Insta, building up engagement and posting more, AND I’ve been on TikTok occasionally and learning the odd dance..I CAN’T STOP DOING THE SAVAGE DANCE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I’ve been meaning to write this blog post for a while now (like a month) and have had your questions on my phone for ages (we are doing a Q&A if you hadn’t realised), but we are here and I’m ready to answer your questions! I actually got quite a lot of questions so have narrowed it down to some that I haven’t answered before/come across before!

Question Number 1: Do the days feel shorter to you or is it just me?
YES THEY DO!! I genuinely don’t know where the days go sometimes, probably because I do enjoy a lie-in, but in general, it goes from like 12pm-12am veeerrrrrry quickly.

Question Number 2: How’s your day going?
Going great thanks, bit tired but catching up on everything on Instagram, emails and blog so feeling semi-productive.

Question Number 3: Do you like to travel?
So many people asked me this question!! I LOVE to travel. Since going to Canada, the amount of countries that are now on my bucket list is a jokeeeeee. I also love watching the Bucket List Family on YouTube and they just give me so much inspo, like now I want to go to Bhutan and The Falkland Islands..

Question Number 4: What is the best place you’ve travelled to?
Pretty obvs answer for those of you have been following for a year or so… Canada! But apart from that, so many of the places we’ve been on holiday to have been great. In the pics above it includes Austria, Canada, Montenegro, Croatia, South of France and Menorca. Also love the Greek Islands…too many haha, one place which I think I want to re-visit would be Morocco….when we were there we didn’t have the best experience as there was a riot so that freaked us tf out as me and Anna were only young, but I feel like if I went again I would appreciate it a lot more and the chance of another riot is relatively low (I’d hope).

Question Number 5: What motivates you to work hard?
Ummmmmm, knowing there’s an end goal that I want to achieve and food.

Question Number 6: What was the last book you read?
I don’t really read if I’m honest. I’m currently reading Fearne Cotton’s ‘Happy’ bc it really is helping me get through lockdown, but the last book I read all the way through was probably ‘The F Word’ by Lily Pebbles.

Question Number 7: Fave place to get clothes from?
There are a few but I think my heart belongs to ASOS as an all rounder. Zara I love for looking great for a great price and comfort, and also Goose & Gander for ULTIMATE comfort (I’ve been living in their joggers and jumpers). For style inspo, I’ve actually been doing some outfit pics over on my Instagram throughout lockdown so maybe check that out for my top picks (what a plug), will insert pics here though.

Question Number 8: Fave Disney film?
Hardest question ever..probably Tangled or Beauty and the Beast, but there are soooo many Disney Originals like Camp Rock and HSM. I genuinely have sat over this question for a very long time.

Question Number 9: Would you say you’re an introvert or an extrovert?
A bit of both! I think I am naturally an introvert, when I’m around people I’m comfortable with I’d say defo an extrovert but yeah, it depends on the situation!

Question Number 10: How are you so beautiful all the time?
Thanks Maddy;) I mean, I just try my hardest and hope for the best..lol

Well, I very much hope that you enjoyed learning more about me… any more questions then please fire them my way and I shall answer! If you want any links to the products shown on here let me know and I’ll try any get them for ya!

I’m thinking a baking blog post next bc each time I post an Insta Story of my baking my DM’s fill up asking for recipes so I’ll put them up on here for you guys!

See ya soon.

G x

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