HEY! I’m back! Probably not for long, so I guess I’ll see you guys again in another 3 months lol. I’ve not been up to much really since I was last on here! I’ve obviously been working full-time which I’m loving, it’s a good job and lovely company. I think I’ve definitely been working on my Instagram slightly more and focusing on gaining more engagement etc… I’m almost thinking do I get into YouTube and vlog a lil bit as I have been doing that the past few weeks on IG stories!
I’ve embarrassingly done a couple of YouTube videos a good few years ago, with the most watched being the yoga challenge with my sister, boasting 9.3k views AND I’ve got 45 subscribers haha! >> Exposing 2016 G <<
I was talking to someone the other day about it and said that it’s actually kinda scary talking to yourself on your phone/camera in public, and probably looks a bit weird to other people if they have no idea what you’re doing. I get caught out in the car a fair bit, especially when I decide to belt out a song to send to Bethan.

ANYWAY! I had an exciting delivery from a fave independent company of mine, >> GENT STREET << YAYAYAYAYAY! When they got in contact with me I was sooo excited and did a little skip and jump. If anyone remembers, last summer I did a collab with them and they very kindly gifted me a pair of Saucony trainers (which I wear a fair bit) and a t-shirt which is super comfy. This time round they were wonderful once again and gifted me a pair of Karhu trainers and another t-shirt which again, are both so comfy and can’t wait to wear more often. Since receiving them I’ve been run down with a virus so the first photoshoot I did, the photos looked awful apart from 1, so had to re-do them to get the perfect(ish) look😍

I would usually wear these to the gym as I don’t tend to do all the heavy gym work that requires special shoes, so these are just perfect for casual workouts and they are ridiculously comfy so I really couldn’t ask for anything else! They also look great with just a casual day outfit, like jeans and a jumper kinda vibe, or like a midi dress on a Spring day… already planning Spring outfits yay!

I really can’t recommend Gent Street enough, like the people are so so lovely , the product range is fab and the brands they stock are insanely good!
They also gave me a lil discount code for you guys to use… graceg10

Hopefully will be back on here soon! Maybe I’ll make it my goal in 2020 to bring the blog back to life?? Or maybe even the YouTube channel!

G x

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