HEY! So like I said on a recent Instagram post, I’m thinking of mixing this up and including more lifestyle bits rather than focusing pretty solidly on fashion. So I’ve written a post like this already but for a different website so I thought I would share it with you lovely people and make it more my own! Anyway, this post is on my bedside table must haves. I think most of us have a bedside table which can easily clutter or you may not have the foggiest idea as to what to keep on it so I’ll give ya a helping hand so take it or leave it but these are my go-to’s which get me through the early starts and the late nights.

The Sleep Savers
Ok so those of you that know me (basically just my closest friends) know that I love an eyemask and I don’t think I could live without it tbh. I’ve used them for a good few years now and it honestly just helps me get to sleep in seconds. Last year I ordered myself and Molly some matching ones from ASOS for when we went to Canada which were super cute and pretty and so comfy. Another sleep saver that I keep near by is the Sleepy moisturiser from Lush. I’ve seen it advertised on Facebook and Twitter saying that it cures insomnia? I have no idea if that’s true but I’m out like a light each time I use it. It also smells a bit like Biscoff?! which just makes it even more desirable!

The F Word
Nope, not swearing at you. Just my fave books. The F Word is a book written by Lily Pebbles who is a YouTuber and I haven’t related to a book so much. It’s all about females and friendships and I am just SOOOO here for it! It came out last year I think and it was my go-to holiday book. I’m ridiculously slow when it comes to reading books, when I read it on holiday it took me the full 2 weeks to finish it but that’s pretty good for me tbf. It’s a nice light read and so you can just pick it up and get easily carried away with the amount of chapters you read lol.
Another book I have enjoyed is The New Fashion Rules by Victoria Magrath (aka InTheFrow) who again is a blogger/YouTuber/major fashion icon. It’s an interesting read if you are into your fashion as it is all about how the fashion world has changed and how the Internet has influenced those changes.

Ok, I ALWAYS have to have a candle next to my bed especially when Autumn/Winter hits. Anthropologie have definitely been a god send with candles since my obsession came about, and believe it or not, TK Maxx have pulled through before too. My Anthropologie one this year IS…..Bergamot and Fresh Fig. Bergamot is just delicious. Walking into a room with a beaut scent in is one of my favourite things about the colder months bc it also makes me feel cosy. The best set up has got to be the fairy lights, blankets, candles and Netflix binge combo. COMFORT AT IT’S FINEST!

Ok bit of a one that you may or may not have. I love having a pair of headphones handy in case there happens to be a time when I wanna concentrate or even listen to a podcast etc. I tend to have my Sudio ones handy just because they are fab quality and the wires don’t get tangled which makes a change compared to the standard Apple ones (my budget wouldn’t stretch to Airpods lol, not a dig). They also come in a little pouch so I rarely lose them.

I’m one of those people that feels naked when no rings or watches are on my hands/wrists! Even applies with a hairband! I struggle to function when I’m lacking in silver pieces basically. Since like year 10 ish I’ve always worn rings and a watch most days. Pandora has always held a special place in my heart with rings as I think I own maybe 4 or 5 rings from there. Watches wise, I have always worn leather straps, but since working at Abbott Lyon, you’ll always find me wearing a chain strap. My watch obsession has become a bit much too as I think I want most of the watches in store.

And then we come to those random bits that you’ve placed on your bedside table because you cba to put them anywhere else and they are always a bit of an essential anyway. Lip balms, lipsticks, moisturisers, a plant, fairy lights, a pen and a few hair grips maybe?

Hope this helps you organise your lives a bit? My bedside table is a bit messy usually, need to sort it out but isn’t a bedside table meant to be a bit cluttered? If there is anything you think belongs on a bedside table, comment below or send me a DM and I’ll put the answers in my next blog post maybe!!

Products are a mix of Abbott Lyon, Big Wild Thoughts, Pandora, L’Oreal and Anthropologie!


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