Disclaimer: Some pics on here include products which have been gifted. Hi. Again. Yep, I was reaaally bad at keeping the blog going from the last post in JUNE!! Lol oops. I’ve genuinely not had much to write about, although now I feel like I can make stuff up as I go along…right?! I’ve had a couple of fab collaborations which I wanna share with you all on here in case you haven’t spotted them on my Instagram, but they can be for a later post. So life update number 1. Got a job. FINALLY! I started my new job back in July, then took 2 weeks off for hols, and now back to it! I’m working full-time at Abbott Lyon incase ya didn’t know. Such a relief that I’m back working after a couple of months of unemployment and so many knock backs..but I am very happy (and exhausted). Life Update Number 2. Collaborations I’ll pop the discount codes below this update, and I’ll link the sites too. So whilst I was away in Canada I was in talks with a Swedish headphones company called >> Sudio << and they very kindly gifted me a pair of headphones from their latest collection, and I cannot stress to you guys enough about how FREAKIN INSANE they are! Like honestly, not just saying this, they are such a good pair of headphones and you definitely get your money’s worth with them. I used them everyday on holiday whilst chilling by the pool, listening to podcasts and falling asleep 🙂 they just block out sound so it’s so easy to fall asleep with them in.. so mum n dad, when I’ve got those headphones in, I can’t hear a word you say ://// Another collaboration I did which is one of my ALL . TIME . FAVES . is >> Goose & Gander <<. I’d followed them on Instagram for ages and just absolutely loved their stuff. I actually bought a tee off their depop like the day before they DM’d me which is a crazy coincidence.. and I swear down, when I got that message from, i did a little squeal of joy as I was so excited, lol, what a fangirl I am. But yeah, I’m just obsessed with everything G&G. I gave Anna and Bethan an item each after doing the lil photoshoot as I’m always nagging them to take pics of me lol so I feel like they deserved it. I think the jumper I received is one of my most worn jumpers already. I literally wear it most days because it is sooooo cosy and sooo oversized n I just love it. One of my more recent ones is >> Gaston Luga << which is another Swedish company who sell backpacks. I’ve never really been the biggest backpack wearer since year 11. I mean, I guess I wore one most of the time when I went skiing but that’s it really. But their backpacks are so cute and practical n spacious, I love it. This was another gifted item so I am forever grateful and the woman I was in contact with was so lovely and helpful so big shout out to Yolanda. I used it going on holiday as I could fit my laptop and jumper n essential bits in there so was literally perfect, loads better than my tote bag which I use most days! Now, the most recent one was >> Big Wild Thought <<. I had never heard of this company before but when I received the email I was like holy moly, laaaav this brand. Their stuff is super cute and they are very charitable which I love. Their brand is focused on endangered animals and the thing that absolutely sold me was that they donate 10% of your purchase towards the chosen animal charity. For example, if you bought a sweater with a whale on, 10% of that purchase goes to the Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society. Like how AMAZE is that?! It’s also a bonus that I love their products. Life Update Number 3. Let’s Talk Anxiety Ok so this will just be a brief lil thang but if it’s wanted I will do a post dedicated to anxiety etc. I know I’m no expert on this, and I’m grateful that anxiety doesn’t impact my life as much as it does others but y’no, I can give a helping hand every now and then. Sooooo, since Canada my anxiety has been good and not played me for a while but the other week I suddenly had a moment, no idea what over but mid morning at work I was holy crap this ain’t right. Text Mum and Bethan like help, they replied and then after maybe half an hour I calmed down a bit but I was literally doing every breathing exercise I could think of, on the brink of tears and drinking a lot of water, made a tea and then focused on a task I need to do for the store which surrounds a topic which I love……… Christmas. As soon as I got on Pinterest I calmed down massively, to which I was like thank god. Powered through the rest of the day, think I went to get a bagel from The Whole Bagel (MA FAAAAVOURITE). Ok completely off the anxiety topic for a sec, we can merge into Life Update Number 4. Food. The Whole Bagel has a special at the moment which is basically what dreams are made of. I’m eating a bagel from home rn with cream cheese and cucumber in, the classic and previous favourite, (thanks mum), but this bagel has turned my head tbh. If I was on Love Island with bagels, I’d be putting my eggs in it’s basket and changing my type on paper. It’s avocado, swiss cheese, balsamic dressing, tomato n a lil bit of salt and hoOOOLY MOOoly, I just can’t even explain how good it was. If you’re ever in Bath and after a bagel, I highly recommend this one, especially if you’re a veggie like moi, (get it toasted though). But yeah, back to Life Update Number 3. I’ll be completely honest, I’ve completely lost track of what I was saying because I keep thinking about the bagel. UPDATE: I had a dream about it last night. Ok, Grace, channel Troy Bolton and get your head in the game. RIGHT. Anxiety. Yeah so anxiety sucks. I think there’s always like a personal level to which it can affect you and when you get to that level then for me, it ain’t pretty! I’m sure people can relate but I’m only gonna speak for myself here, but yeah, not fun and not ideal when working. It’s weird though, like I always used to get anxiety in new spaces i.e. new job or interviews or something , however it doesn’t get to me in those situations now so happy days! I put a question on my Instagram story a couple of weeks ago when I had my moment and got some really good replies, but my fave one was to work on something which you aren’t focused on in that moment, like start a project or work on something etc. There’s also one which I’ve seen about but I’m so annoyed that I can’t remember it. It’s something like think of 5 things you can see, 4 things you can touch, 3 things you can hear, 2 things you can smell and 1 thing you can taste?? I feel like I got that completely wrong but it’s along the lines of that… let me know if I got it horribly wrong then I can change it! So yeah, if I have any more life updates to tell ya I will add them on but at the moment I think that’s it! Prepare yourselves for some Autumnal posts and then Winter posts etc bc I am SO excited and will probs bang on about it being ‘super pretty’ and ‘so autumnal’ etc until March 🙂 Hope you liked this blog post, taken me freakin ages to write bc I keep losing track of ma thoughts but WE DID IT! The next one will hopefully be up next week so yay happy days. If ya liked it maybs give ya gal a lil follow?? Lots of love to ya all xxxx G x

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