Hello hello how are we all? graceygoodall is BACK BABY.
So obviously I took quite a good period of time off as I was in Canada and didn’t have much to talk about. However I am back in the UK now and ready to start this blog back up again. It feels weird typing properly as I literally haven’t looked at my site in like 2 months, and the only typing I have done is on my CV..
Now I am back, I think it’s time I start adulting a bit (sad face) so I’m looking at jobs etc and hoping something good comes soon!

Honestly, I’ve been so stuck one what to do with this post. But I have finally decided and it will be a bit of a Canada diary. Pop a few pics in and a bit of writing alongside.

Alright. Let’s get to it.
So obviously I did a few posts whilst in Canada so I’ll try my best not to repeat much but let’s just go with it!

I made a LOOAAADDDD of new friends out there which was amazing, however they live all over the place which is a bit of a nightmare as they are so far away and ££££. But when we were in Canada we had the best time and I am making plans to go and see a couple of pals hopefully over summer and spend a few days with them! It was a very sociable environment out there so you knew a lot of people. When I say a lot, I mean A LOT! Nights out were always fun, a few drinks always made it better too…. This has probably been one of the things I’ve missed since being home as all my besties aren’t 100m round the corner from me. I also haven’t had a night out in the month and a bit which I have been home, I guess it’s been a good detox for me (lol) but it has felt a bit strange.

So I didn’t do much adventuring whilst there. A) because it was a bit of money to go to another resort and B) Jasper/Marmot kept me entertained enough to not want to really go anywhere else. Having a knee injury didn’t really help either.. and it still isn’t better :((((( got an MRI on Thursday though so HOPEFULLY I will get some answers which I have been after for m o n t h s.
Towards the end of the season, myself, Maddy and Meaghan (above) went on a little day trip to Sunwapta Falls and Athabasca Falls to have a little looksie and get some pics. On the way there we saw a bear which was pretty cooool. You may have seen a picture on my social media somewhere of it!
I did a few solo walks when I had time off as I could not stand being stuck in the apartment and I needed to exercise. Those walks were often cut short as I freaked myself out by thinking I could come face to face with a bear..like hun, it’s the middle of Winter.
A bunch of us also went up to the SkyTram and snowshoed up the mountain and I’ll tell you what, it was exhausting and cold but so worth it. The views were lushhh and yeah, it was just really nice to do something as a group at the end of the season.

Speaking of views, anywhere in Jasper had amazing views. Like during a clear day it was gorg, and the sunsets were beaut. A lot of the time I walked into town and back and I loved it. Like I’m gonna sound relatively old now but with it being so quiet, it was such a peaceful walk and it’s probably the best place ever to clear your head. It was quite a shock to come back to Bath and end up always walking into the back of someone who stops right in front of you. Can anyone else relate there?
Even when we were skiing up the hill the views were pretty incredible. Skiing Tres Hombres was amazing as the views from the top all the way down were sooo nice and also the ski through the trees to get back onto the main slopes were beaut. Tbh it’s just a very scenic place.

So yah, that is a super quick summary of Canada. It was filled with fun, friends and loads of fooooooooooood.
I think doing a ski season was one of the best things I could’ve done to avoid more education. Travelling would’ve been insane too but maybe I’ll leave that to another time..

I genuinely have no idea what I’m gonna do from here but hopefully I’ll figure it out at some point!!

There will be another post coming your way soon but I need to do a bit more prep for it i.e. photoshoots, just so then we are all good to go for a banging blog post. But yeah, keep your eye out on my Instagram for uploads etc.

P.S. The company I went to Canada with was >> Simply Snowsports <<

G x

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