Hi all.

Thought I had better pop on here to talk as it has been over a month whoops.
I’ve basically just been working, drinking and chilling with ma injured leg. Leg update..worse. I can juuuuuuuust about walk and ski on it but got a couple of jam packed weeks coming up with school groups coming to ski so prepping (resting) for those lessons.

So. My blog. I think with having the same sort of day-to-day routine it makes it really quite blooming hard for me to come up with content as I have major mind blanks and then stress about it..which I have been doing for a while now, as I have just come to a stop.
Because of this, I think it’s time I take a break from blogging as it feels like it’s just adding pressure to me which is not what I need right now! I may do the odd post, but they will not be frequent. Once I am back home I will hopefully be back to it and doing more collaborations with companies and going out more etc.

This is quite a hard thing for me to do as I have tried to do my best in the past 4/5 months but the struggle is real and people who are not into the world of blogging and instagram will not realise how difficult it is to take a step back from doing something you love. I think it will help with my anxiety too as I won’t feel pressured to come up with something and worrying if people will like it or not.
But yeah, no idea how long this break will last but we shall see.

See ya.


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