ok so hi again. I honestly was so stumped on a blog post but I realised that I haven’t actually done a ‘get to know me’ post in the 2 years I’ve been running this blog, and since there are now a hell of a lot more of you I thought it is about time I do one!
Starting with the basics – hi my name is Grace, I’m 19 and I’m from England. Sounds like a Take Me Out intro lol. Currently in Canada doing a ski season (if you didn’t know that already then hello newbie) and I am absolutely laaaaaving it. I’m a vegetarian and I currently have a cold so downing hot water with lemon and honey like there is no tomorrow.

SO. A while ago, when I say a while I mean like 6 months ago, I put an Instagram story up with Bethan asking people to fire some questions at us for us to answer in a vlog. Now, we made that vlog however it did not make it out for you all to see as I got really confused whilst editing it so no one knows the answers we gave to those questions. In comes this blog post. I was watching our vlog this afternoon bc it makes me happy and thought about 3 hours ago that I could put the q’s and a’s on here. THEN to get more q’s I took to Instagram and got a good few questions from there so I’ve picked a few so you get a few answers!
LET’S GET TO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

screenshot from our vlog

‘Fave Disney Movie?’

Right, I genuinely love pretty much everything Disney has produced but one of my ALL TIME faves is Beauty and the Beast, especially the remake. Moana is bloody brilliant, as is Peter Pan and Annie! One that isn’t Disney though has to be The Greatest Showman because it’s just amazing. I’m gonna speak for both me and Bethan on this one, anything with a good soundtrack is a winner.

‘Fave Place You’ve Travelled?’

This is a tricky one because I have been to soooo many amazing places for holidays such as South of France, Croatia and Greek Islands. But I have got to say that I think Canada may have stolen my heart. For Winter it has 100%, would love to see what it’s like in Summer too and if it beats previous summer vacays!

‘Do you dislike eachothers friends?’

Honest answer for the both of us. Yes. There are some people we are so different to and have nothing in common with of whom we just don’t get on with due to the clashing personalities. Not going to name names though, but we just steer clear of those people.

‘Are you glad you stayed friends?’

OH MY GOSH YESSSS! Me and Bethan are honestly like the same person it’s scary. We have so many similarities and the big main difference is probably our taste in guys which works in our favour as we never have our eyes on the same guy so yay to that! Biggest similarity is our taste in music and films. Also fashion tastes. I kinda see her as a part of the Goodall clan because we see her fairly often. Just wish she’d hurry up and get a drivers license…! The amount of times we have cry laughed together is crazy. She’s also a really good personal photographer. The majority of my outfit posts and general posts on Instagram are usually taken by her so she does a good job!

‘Do you find it hard opening up about anxiety?’

To begin with it was very hard for the both of us. It’s still kind of a touchy subject for us like it is for many others, but now we both know we have a big support base around us so it’s a lot easier to open up and stuff. I’ve mentioned throughout my blog a few times about my anxiety and how I cope etc and even made a YouTube video surrounding it but this was before I realised how much it did affect me and how I can manage it better. I’d say I am a lot more open with anxiety now, and being away from home meant I kinda had to as I needed people around me to kind of understand what was going on if I was having a dodgy day. I can’t speak for B on this bit but I’m proud of how well she is managing hers šŸ™‚

Ok so now for the Instagram questions..(there are a couple of interesting ones)

‘Why didn’t you go to uni?’

Straight up honest answer..I couldn’t be bothered! It’s a lot of money and I had had enough of education by the time I’d finished the first year of college tbh so I knew I just wasn’t in the right mindset to go. I’ve got good enough grades that would allow me to go to university but it’s just not something that’s on the cards for me. There are probs a bunch of you guys who would happily argue about the pros and the money situation and that there are ways around it but no thank you xo.

‘Do you sniff your own farts?’

Don’t we all, Amber??

‘Why are we both just so funny?’

Conor Dunne you raise a very good question there. We are because of all the puns and chat up lines we come up with…
Are you my email address from 10 years ago? Because you’re a hot mail…
Sorry :/

‘FaveĀ songĀ atĀ theĀ moment?’

Ariana Grande – break up with your girlfriend, i’m bored
Lewis Capaldi – Someone You Loved

What’s the trait you’d wanna see most in a friend?’

There are so many different traits in my friends so I’m struggling to pin point just 1, but I’d say loyalty is a key one bc who wants a friend who’s just not gonna be a friend yno.

‘What’s 1 thing you regret?’

No I actually can’t think of anything but it’s probably not going somewhere or not doing something which I wish I should’ve done. I’ll get back to you on this one.

‘What makes you happy?’

A lot of things make me happy!
Food, my family, Alfie, Bethan, food, my bestest friends, cocktails, bed etc, so quite a lot.
I mean, there are a load of other things that make me happy but the above are my main ones i think.

‘If you were stuck on an island, what 3 things would you wanna take?’

GOOD QUESTION. Quite honestly, I have no idea. I remember in school we would get asked this and some people would come up with some right ol witty answers but I actually don’t remember what I’ve previously said. Like a phone would come in handy to call for help but then there probs isn’t phone reception and Tesco would probably charge me a ridiculous amount to send a text or make a call. Food would be good but theres too much goodness to choose from. I’d take a friend or family member but then it comes down to choosing who and that’s too much for me to deal with.
So basically I can’t answer that question

‘Have you noticed a change in people now you have a blog and are doing super well?’

Firstly, thank you v much!
I haven’t noticed much of a change tbh. I get some people messaging me who wouldn’t usually message me and then they point out my recent posts or say about my followers etc and are all pally, but sometimes I get people who actually want some advice on starting up a blog/boosting their Instagram and I love it when people choose to come to me to ask for some tips!
But yeah, I haven’t got people kneeling at my feet begging to be my friend or anything (DISCLAIMER: I don’t expect that anyway).

‘How is your Dad so cool?’

Ok so hi Dad.
Well, I wouldn’t say you’re cool as such as you still use the word trendy a lot and you asked me how cool you are, but you’re not far off.
You could be worse šŸ™‚

First Q&A done! Yay. I’ll do another one at some point if there is some sort of demand for it or if you are dying to get to know me better but there’s a few answers for you to be getting on with!

If you were stuck on an island, what 3 things would you take with you? Question of the month!


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