HELLO to my foodie readers!!!! Can’t believe I haven’t blogged anything on here for like 5 months!!!!!! So  bad :/

At college, me and a group of girls decided to go to Wagamama’s once every month. We only started this in January so we have been twice now. The first time I had a katsu curry (which I have previously written about) so I didn’t think there was much point in me writing about it again! BUT THIS TIME I went for something ‘completely’ different, but obviously still off of the children’s menu. I had a mini yasai yaki soba which I think was a brilliant choice and some yasai steamed gyoza, which are basically mushed vegetable dumplings… doesn’t sound great but they are amaze!

Even yummier

So in my yaki soba was soba noodles, fried tofu, egg, sweetcorn, mangetout, peppers and amai sauce! I neeeeeeeeeed this recipe because noodles are my full-time crave and everything in there works so well and idk how they cook it to that much perfection! LOVE IT!

Another thing I love from there though is the babyccino’s. They are so cute and so small (and free) so we just have to get them!


It’s just so CUTE!

So I’d give this meal a solid 10/10!

But yeah, I’ll try to upload more of when I go out to restuarants, but if the food isn’t interesting, there isn’t much point :((( I guess we will seeeeee!!


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