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It’s been like a month since I posted last BUT this is an exciting post because IT WAS MY BDAY! I turned 18 (whichallmyinstafollowerswillknowtoowell) and the prep that went towards it was fab, and it most CERTAINLY paid off!! Dad was fab with going to town with it and it was soooooo much appreciated by myself and everyone who saw me over the weekend bc it made it FAB!

SO, Friday the 14th was my actual birthday. As it was Good Friday, and my last name is Goodall, making it Goodall Friday, which basically translates to Grace Day? Am I right? Let’s just go with it!!!! For aaages, I have been desperate to go for Brunch at Bills for my birthday but then we panicked when we realised we had a dog:/ ANYWAY, we managed to go and I had to have pancakes and the super green juice bc they are just the best and tastiest things ever! We also told the waiter that it was my birthday and he came over with and gave me a bottle of pink lemonade, which I have to say was delicious and disappeared very quickly once opened!

Bath Racecourse were having a Good Friday meeting so I wanted to go to that because it’s a nice lil outing! HOWEVER, IT WAS FREEZING…..but that didn’t stop us from having Pimms (and a good time)!!!! Some family met us there which was nice, so we could socialise b4 the mahoosive party! We did a little bit of betting but we weren’t very good at it so we chose not to.. but my cousin (who’s 10) made a bet (not by herself obvs) and she got £11 from her wonderful winning horse! HOW?!

After freezing our bottom’s off and a couple of Pimm’s later, we left to go home. After brunch, we headed down to Clinton’s to get the typical ’18’ balloons, of which they inflated for us, and I had to carry them through Bath high-street in a massive bag, and me, Lauren and Anna had the pleasure of sitting in the back seats squashed by these massive balloons all the way home! So worth it though, look at how cool they make any pics look!

When we got home, we had to put all the food out and get all the drink ready which didn’t take toooooo long thankfully, then everyone started to arrive…. when I say everyone, I mean about 40 people were in the kitchen at one point! As people arrived I opened cards and presents. I got so much stuff which I loved! One of the most exciting things I got was a suitcase that came with a mini one inside!!!!!!! EVERY TIME we go on holiday I have a suitcase which I am not a massive fan of, so I am so happy with to have my own one! Other bits I got included a watch, a satnav (so annoying but I love it), make up bits, jewellery, money for a holiday and LOADS of alcohol! We were up until about 12 and then went to bed… but we all basically peaked at 9pm :/

On Saturday the 15th we basically just chilled out and me and Lauren started getting ourselves ready for when we went out in the evening! Prep started at like 1 and finished at 6 :)))) We sorted our brows (so important) and got ourselves dressed n made up!


Me, Lauren, Molly and Liv went for a meal at Jamie Oliver’s, and Dad popped in to buy us some prosecco, but it was only me and Lauren drinking it because Liv and Molly were driving. We all went for a pasta dish, and oh boy, it was yummy! The only negative thing was a weird guy who was sitting next to us and kept looking at us all…. oh well.

Molly, Lauren and myself then headed up to the Slug & Lettuce to meet a couple of my other friends from my old school. Molly left after a while, and we all stayed for a few drinks and there were some rather odd people around but it was fun! We then headed down to Turtle Bay for a couple of hours and had a few drinks there. It was super great as both places had 2 for 1 drinks going, yay! Dad picked us up at around 12 ish and dropped Elishia and Jess home, and then me n Lauren got back at about 1:30, and went to sleep at around 2 ish. SUCH a late night and I was shattered the next morning, but cake for breakfast made it a bit better!

Hope u all enjoyed the insight to my bday outings n I guess u will see something very similar next year!


Birthday outfit: 

Bodysuit – Topshop, £32

Denim Jacket (not available) – Levi

Jeans – Pull & Bear, £19.99

Boots (not shown) – Ego, £34.99

Saturday outfit:

Dress – Motel Rocks, £50 (student discount – £38!)

Shoes (not available) – New Look, £19

Denim Jacket (not available) – Levi

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