February 11-18

HI EVERYONE! As most of ya may know (especially from the title of this post..) I have just been skiing (literally writing this on the plane home)! So like last year, I will do a daily diary if that makes sense?? ENJOY THIS RIDICULOUSLY LONG POST!

Day 1 – Travelling there!

So the actual journey from our house to the airport was pretty smooth, even though we took a wrong turning, but we still got there within a good amount of time, and even had time for some lemon drizzle cake and a creamy cooler from Costa which kept me going whilst waiting for the others, but we had LOADS of time as our flight was delayed by…….4 HOURS! We had so much time to waste it was crazy! PLUS I missed the England Rugby game..what a nightmare! We casually made our way through security and then walked VERY slowly through duty free..went for a meal because we could get something like a token each which gave us some money (not much) off of food/drink when there was a delay, so we went up to a lil foodie place and I had a pizza (oh well), others had fish-less fish and chips and then one had a burger. It wasn’t tooooo bad but it was for the price! Anyway, we boarded the plane at about 6pm, and it was a 2 hour ish flight making it 8pm UK time (I watched Bridget Jones) and Austria is an hour ahead, so that made it about 9pm, then an hour to the hotel so we go there at 10pm and we hadn’t eaten any dinner!!!!! The hotel said they would give us some cold dishes for us to eat when we arrived, and my goodness me there was a lot of food…However, as there are like 3 1/2 vegetarians out of 7 of us, the meat platters were no good, so we were on the bread rolls and eggs:)  We then went up to our rooms and turns out, I had the ‘master bedroom’!! I had 2 dressing gowns, 2 pairs of slippers, a safe and the best bit.. some Milka love hearts! I think Mum and Dad were jealous. OH, Anna didn’t come with us this year, she went on the school ski trip to Spain instead! 😦

Day 2 – First Ski Day!

We had to get all of our ski equipment (in order to ski..) so we did that in the morning and it took us AGES! As it was the school holidays and the day after the main travel day, EVERYONE was in the shop. Thankfully we had already booked our boots so we went straight through and had them done within 10 minutes, but the queues for the ski’s, poles and helmets took so long!!!!!! The staff were bringing out water for everyone because it was just so hot and cramped. But we got that done after almost 2 hours! We went up to get into our ski wear so we could go out in the afternoon for a ski and a bit of lunch up the mountain(chips from the restaurant and a roll prepared at breakfast). It was a GORGEOUS day so the visibility was amaze which made the views so good! The ski conditions were pretty similar each day. As it was so sunny the snow was very slushy and difficult to go over, and other places was just ice, no winning! At the bottom of the slope was our hotel and the last 20 metres was near impossible to get down! Witnessed a few wipeouts and experienced a face plant down that bit.. We came back in, chilled, watched more wipeouts and then went down to the sauna and pool which was v v relaxing! Then we went down for dinner (more dinner bits will come in other days) and went up to bed!

Day 3 – Zell am See & Funny Balls!

We stayed in the resort again for our second day to do a few more slopes there and get some lunch on the mountain (same food as day before). A ski day is pretty much the same each time so I won’t bore you with the slope numbers, how steep they were, when we did them etc! Dinner was good though! I can’t remember what I had for a main (probably pasta and tomato sauce) but the dessert was REALLY strange!! It was 2 balls with like breadcrumbs on them, with like a marzipan custard sauce, a jam and some chocolate sauce?  I quite liked it though..

Day 4 – VALENTINES DAY & Kitzsteinhorn!

So we decided to have a little adventure on the ol V Day! We went and skied in the Kitzsteinhorn ski area and although we did more travelling than skiing it was still a really good day of skiing as the snow was quite good! We did a few runs down before going all the way to the top, taking out ski’s off and going to Salzburg’s highest panorama platform or the ‘top of Salzburg’ which was 3029m high:)))) We also stopped for lunch up here. So we had our pre prepared rolls from breakfast with us and mum also bought us some pancakes which came with apple sauce.. odd combo but it went SO well! I am NOT ashamed of how much of it I ate because it was toooooo good! We skied down and then went and got the bus back to our hotel. The bus was SUPER busy so it was rather uncomfortable standing with a pair of ski’s squashed against the door, especially when I had an itch on my nose:/ When we got back, we found our duvets in the shape of a heart and it was so cute! We then chilled, pooled, dined and then went to sleep!!

Day 5 – Ski Jump & Fireworks! 

Our 5th day consisted of going somewhere we hadn’t been before but it was quite difficult in the snow conditions! I could hardly move my ski’s, let alone do parallel turns on a red slope…! But to get to this slope, we had to go up a chair lift, but before doing that we went on a T-Bar because we wanted to do another easy run. Quick tip, never go on a T-Bar with someone half your height, it’s not comfortable (it’s meant to be behind your bum, but for me, it was very close to the backs of my knees so I was purely clinging onto the bar thats connected to the wire! We got down (raced Dad, I won) and then got the chair to the top and managed to get to the blue and red whilst avoiding any black runs! We stopped for lunch after a difficult and slow run, again with a sandwich and some chips to share… 🙂 Then we went to look at the view and I had to get some pictures because it was GORGEOUS, and we also had some pics of us all with the view.

We had been told earlier in the week that there was going to be a ski jump… they bigged it up loads. There was a MAJOR turnout and we were worried we would miss it because our dinner took aaaaages (missed the soup) but we didn’t miss a thing. We were going to go out, but luckily mum and dad’s balcony over looked the slope the jump was on so we just wrapped up and stood out there. There was a hot air balloon that kept going up and down and about 4 jumpers who all jumped then walked back up the slope while we all waited 🙂 But then FINALLY something interesting happened… fireworks! There were so many it was amazing (even though we thought there was the potential for an avalanche to occur)!

After it finished, everyone went to bed, mum and dad went down for a drink and I stayed up in the room because I was SO tired!

Day 6 – Zell am See & Too Many  Drinks! 

Day 6 was basically the same as any other day 🙂 We skied, had food (egg and chips this time.. mixing it up, making life SO much more exciting), watched some para-gliders take off and fly around (I AM SO DOING IT WHEN I CAN!! BUCKET LIST), skied down, went for a drink in a cute bar, went to the sauna and got ready for our fancy gala dinner. This consisted of like a million courses (about 6) but the menu seemed to go on and on and on. I can’t remember what the dishes were but one of the starter bits was a multi-vitamin sorbet. We had an image in our heads of a green sorbet… but it looked like a mango sorbet. Little did we know that there was alcohol in it (who knows what it was) and there was 1 non-alcoholic one which they gave me first, then we gave it to Evie who is 10, which was probably the best was to go.. I was happy;) I had pasta for dinner again and it was nice as per:) I think dessert was a chocolate cake but I wasn’t really feelin it, and it was also displayed at breakfast the next morning! After dinner was great… I went to see my friend Lauren who was also skiing in Zell am See! We only went for a few drinks but it was lushhhh to see her and get out as I hardly ever go out! I got back to the hotel at a sensible time (thank goodness I had a key otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to get in) and I went to breakfast a bit later in the morning.. 🙂

Day 7 – Snow, Pizza & Magic! 

Our last ski day was a bit disappointing. The sun had left us with snow, fog and rain. We went out at about 10:30/11 ish again, skied for 2 hours and then we all went down to the bottom! Last year, we went for a curry/pizza on the last day, but as we had the taxi at 11:30, we couldn’t go for lunch the next day, so we had lunch there on this day… if that makes any sense?? I had a pizza because if you know me, pizza is always the way forward. We then went in, chilled for a while and then went to the sauna, where there were some drunk German’s and lots of nakedness (not by us). At dinner, there was a magician who came round and she focused on Evie. She did 2 tricks and they were both very good! One was a card one where an imaginary bug wrote the card Evie had picked out on a chalkboard, and the other was a bit of string which she broke up and then put it back together again. Who knows how she did it!

Day 8 – Travelling home!

Finally home day! We packed everything up, made a sandwich at breakfast, dropped our bags down at reception and then went for a wander around town before we got the taxi to the airport. It was a veeryyyyy slow journey  because of the traffic but we got there eventually with good time:) Check in and security was all good, we had a fair bit of time to wait as well as an hour delay, but thats better than a 4 hour one! Flight was easy going, not comfortable seats though! I had a smoothie and some pringles bc why not??

We got home at about 7ish, then mum went to pick Alfie up and get some essential food items, and me and dad went to pick Anna up from school (yay)!She was exhausted from an overnight bus journey so I don’t blame her! Seeing Alfie was soooo cute as he was just bounding around the kitchen not knowing how to go to for a cuddle! We picked up a Chinese for tea and then we went to bed!


Sorry for the length, it’s taken aaaaages to do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! See ya when I have my next adventure?!


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