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OK so a lil heads up before the post properly begins, I was going to do a ‘top 5 fave products’ post so I took photos of the above 5 products, but then I went in my essentials bag and found 2 more of my fave products so there’s more 🙂 And yep, the background does change for the final 2 products because the lighting was better and tried something different! ALSO these are not ranked in order bc I love them all.

Dr Botanical’s Vegan Exfoliating Bar

Ok so this hasn’t been used much but I can tell that it is going to be one of my absolute fave exfoliating bars. I use one at the moment from Lush but slowly running out of it so this came just in time! This actually is one of the products that came in my Pink Parcel (which is a monthly subscription thing for us ladies) and honestly I was so happy to see it! It’s a good size and smells amazing!!!

Body Shop ‘Japanese Matcha Tea’ Face Mask

Ok so >> THIS << is amazing. Although it may look gross, it’s sooooo good! Like it smells incredible, it’s vegan, it makes ya skin feel amazing… what more could you want?! My sister actually bought me this for my birthday so she did good!! I highly recommend this product to anyone who has the odd spot here and there on their face AND if you have hayfever, this is a miracle worker for the end of the day to get it all off.

Geranium & Peppermint Bodywash

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Now THIS is the bodywash of dreams! Not only does it smell insane, it leaves your skin smelling lush AND super soft. Once again this came in my Pink Parcel (I guess this is some sort of a PP review??!), but yeah, this is one of my most used shower products so I highly recommend!

Benefit ‘BadGal Bang’ Mascara

I have always always always used a Benefit mascara! I have also used Maybelline before but I much prefer Benefit because it just does wonders to your lashes! I have previously used the ‘They’re Real’ and ‘RollerLash’ mascaras, but they recently had an offer on where you trade in any old mascara for a new mini, so I was recommended to BadGal Bang by a friend and I am super glad I went for it! I love having a bit more of a fuller look on my lashes!!! Defo will be going back for a full size when my mini is finished!

Lazity ‘Berry Pretty’ Lip Liner

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I’m not too sure where my other photos of this product went but this will have to do! This lip liner, as you can probably guess, came in my Pink Parcel box in May. I rarely use lip liners so I was happy to see one in my box! It is such a gorgeous colour, like you can either go to town with it or just do a faint outline to make your lips seem fuller but I absolutely love it and do not want it to run out!! It works best with dark lippy’s but also with nudey ones too. Definitely a fave.

Naobay Hand Cream (ANOTHER Pink Parcel Product)

THIS IS INSANE aaaaand I’ve nearly finished it </3 (heartbreak). It’s natural and organic and smells like oranges! I carry this everywhere with me and I love wearing it because it smells sooooo good and makes my hands super soft!

Catherine Malandrino Perfume

Left the best til last! This fragrance is just everything. It’s heavenly. Like amazing. It fits perfectly in my essentials pouch and clutch for when I go out and I desperately need it again! But I recently did invest in Zoella’s new perfume ‘Botanic-eau’ and woah it’s a corker of a fragrance!! But yeah, for £16, this is worth the money and lasts for ages!

So here ya go, here are my top 7 beauty products from the past couple of months! I definitely recommend the >> Pink Parcel <<  subscription boxes to you ladies who struggle or even just the >> Pink Shop << to buy some of these products… definitely worth it!!



  1. Love the hair and the whole look. Who took the photos? They are excellent….and I love that bush in your garden! I saw one at the Garden Centre, just a few twigs on a stalk, and it was £24! How long to get like yours?? Oh and I wish they had had the Pink thing when I was your age. What a great idea! Soon be off to France now! Lots of love xxxx

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you!! I made Anna take the photos because she was around! I have no idea, I only really noticed it the other day!! Yes, the pink parcel is amazing!!! Perfect for me! Xxxx


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