NOT GONNA LIE TO YOU going vegan was extremely difficult as I am a major lover of cheese and eggs. Thankfully there are loads of substitutes and the meals can be super yummy, but adapting is difficult because you cant snack … and having to read the back of every food packet can be a little tedious. Now you may be thinking ‘hey G, why did you go vegan?’. Well, I couldn’t tell you to be honest! It’s just something I fancied trying out and wanted to blog about my experience!

February 1st was the day I started my vegan week. However I did start it a couple of days early as I made some >> Red Velvet Cupcakes << which I blogged. These were absolutely delicioussss and gave me some hope towards the decision of doing a vegan week!!


So the first proper day unfortunately was a college day, but THANKFULLY I only had to worry about dinner as I went for brunch with Molly. We went to the Cosy Club and it was super dooper yum. They did a vegan menu so I was able to have the vegan breakfast which was pretty heavenly! It included toast, spinanch, falafel and a load of other yummy bits. For dinner, I wasn’t sure what to make (newbie aren’t i) so myself and Anna went to M&S and got myself a ratatouille which was super yum!

^ brunchin

On Friday, I did a lil shop before college to get a couple of gym bits from Primark (AMAZING) and as I was going to pay, I walked past the a load of ‘nakd’ bars and saw the Cocoa & Orange one and it tempted me so I bought it and ended up asking mum to get some when she went and did a shop!


On Friday evening as a family we went to watch Wicked at the Bristol Hippodrome which was sooooo good but I was super tired! As we had a quick turnaround at home, mum made courgetti which has to be one of my favourite meals ever!



Saturday we didn’t do anything but on Sunday we were going to a pub/restaurant for Grandma’s birthday so I thought I had better make some cakes for that… So in came the red velvet recipe again!!! They looked slightly better this time round but still super YUM.

So the Sunday we went over to the Prince Leopold which is a pub near where Grandma lives for a late lunch. Obviously as a vegan, there was limited choice but OH BOY did they pull it out the bag! I was presented with stuffed peppers but they were covered in green leaves and nuts and a dressing and it was so yum! For dessert I just went for an orange sorbet because who doesn’t like a sorbet??!


I didn’t really need any dinner as we ate at around 3pm!

Monday! Slowly coming to the end of the vegan week!! I had a slight craving for
>> pancakes << so I was like why not make some! (I’ve blogged the pancakes btw). They MASSIVELY filled me up and lasted a couple of days although the top one went green?! Quite offputting..


For dinner I kinda wanted scrambled egg, but a friend tagged me in something on facebook with the vegan breakfast recipes and it came up with >> tofu scramble << (linked it). This intrigued me massively because like tofu with peppers n peas n onion n all things nice for a light dinner just sounded so appetising! DREAMY! I defo need to make this again asap.

I had lighting trouble here

Tuesday 6th of February! 2 DAYS LEFT! Lunch was shock, a marmite sarnie, but dinner was super yum. Mum made a shepherd’s pie but with lentils and sweet potato, how heavenly does that sound?! Unfortunately due to the time of day I ate this, I was unable to take a good photo with good lighting 😦 take my word for it though, it was good. DM me for the recipe xoxo

WEDNESDAY YAY! Back to college I went. HOWEVER, we went to Pizza Express for lunch and I thought it would be a struggle to find anything for me buuuuut they delivered gooooooooooooood. I had the classic doughballs but without the garlic butter which was sad but I got over it. I wasn’t sure whether I could have a pizza but I found one on the big menu and just asked for a smaller one with vegan mozzarella on top. Honestly, I think I preferred it to a normal pizza. Which is weird because I am a no1 fan of pizza. But yeah it was super yum and I was very happy.


Hats off to those who are full-time vegans because it is difficult and raaather pricey!  I think I will stick to being a veggie for now!! If you make the decision to go vegan, try out a week or a month before committing properly because it is a struggle!!!!!!!! I’m just glad I did it the week before skiing because I would NOT have managed without the whipped cream on my hot chocs!


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