How is everyone’s new year going? I for one have had a wonderful few weeks full of stress and happiness. I don’t know what it is, but so far this year I have found myself being so so so so so much happier!! I know there’s the typical saying of ‘new year, new me’ but I absolutely stand by it!! It’s just like a clean slate and I laaaav it. I was thinking as a little post before a bigger post comes out, I will share my TOP 5 secrets on how I am keeping /plan to keep myself happy this year!


This is my number 1 point. I have found that by being around my bestest friends and family (inc. the dog) I am a lot happier. Admittedly, I delete a lot of people from my phone contacts and snapchat, it is so much nicer not having negative people on there (plus it reduces how many stories you have to watch as well as arguments)!  Even if I just chill out with friends and do nothing, if we go on wagamama dates or even just a walk, it still makes my day that bit more enjoyable. So being around the best people will make you so so happy.


I don’t actually have a physical to-do list (although I should create one), but I mentally have things that I need to do, such as meet a college deadline or send an important email. Recently, I have had a pretty busy schedule, juggling work, a work placement, college, exams and assignments. This past week I have been on a work placement which I’ve been needing to organise for MONTHS and I finally got round to getting it sorted and completed! I went to MediaClash which is a magazine company for Bath, Bristol, Exeter and Salisbury. It was a fab place to go and it put me in a good and focused headspace (and busy), and I didn’t have to worry about anything other than the tasks I was set. For exams, I needed to set myself deadlines for what I wanted to revise by a certain time (plan went down the drain) but I managed it and fingers crossed they went well. Assignments. Well. I should really be doing one now but I got a biiiiiiiit distracted.

Set yourself more short-term deadlines and less long-term deadlines. The short-term are what matters most. Although saying this, I really should try and sort out what I am doing once I finish college… oops.



A lot of people’s NY resolutions are to go to the gym more etc, but by me going to the gym, it has given me a better look and it makes me feel good as I’ve actually accomplished something. It will improve your overall health and will put you in a better mood. As well as this, I found that the other day when I walked the dog that it is a lot more relaxing, clears your head and makes you feel more awake thanks to how FREEZING it is. I’ve decided that I need to start another gym class (any suggestions?) just to get healthier and to get me up and out in the evenings, rather than binge watching Friends on Netflix..


This will stop you being all grumpy and tired in the morning, plus it gets you off your phone/laptop earlier! It will make you feel so much more ready for the day and keep you focused. You will be feeling fresh AND awake! 2 in 1. What more could you want?


A HUUUGEEEEE important thing is to make sure you do something fun. Like go on a road trip, go for a coffee with a friend, go to the beach, go camping, have a holiday, the list is endless! At the moment, my head is all over the place with next year’s plans, BUT I have decided that I reeeealllyyyyyyy want to do a ski season somewhere I’ve never been before, and Canada or the US is perfect for that. Doing this, whether I’m by myself or with a friend, it will a be huge, unforgettable adventure which is JUST what I need. I think everyone should take an adventure at some point in their lives just to take a break as it will most definitely de-stress you. I mean, going for a spa break might just do it for ya!


Let me know your top tips on keeping happy!! Xxxxx


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