OH HEY, 2018

Happy belated New Year everyone!!! Hoping everyone had a fantastic Christmas and a wonderful NYE. I haven’t been well for the past week which is a bummer, pretty sure it was the ‘Aussie Flu’ which almost everyone is getting at the moment 😦 but I’m pretty much in full health now so here is a blog post.. FINALLY!

2017 was a huge birthday year for us all, and we had fantastic holidays throughout the year so I thought maybe I could do a sum up of my 2017 highlights!


So in February we had our annual family trip skiing in Austria which was great as always, plus this year, I ended up in the same resort as Lauren so we met up for a drink which was fabbbbb. Then at the end of the month it was dad’s big 5 0 so he had a lil party to celebrate.. and Lauren came along too, so we all had a little boogy and drink but I was the designated driver 🙄 I basically spent the whole month with Lauren though, which was amazing!


MY BIRTHDAY MONTH! I turned 18 so obviously, I had to have a little party of my own with a load of family. To begin with we went for brunch, then went to Bath races and then back to mine for food and my amazingggg cake, then the day after I went out into Bath with a few friends for dinner and drinks! (I did a blog post on this back then!).

That’s pretty much the biggest highlight of April.. how boring is my life?!?!


May was probably one of the busier months! To begin with it was Badminton Horse Trials which we all went to and we bumped into Bear Grylls which was a complete shock and was amusing to us all as we’ve always said how Dad looks like him and how funny it would be to bump into him…

Then some family friends had an anniversary/birthday party at The Manor House in Castle Combe which was fancy and we all dressed up, I went very Kate Middleton with my look. However I had trouble with a seethrough malfunction but it got sorted last minute yay.

THEN I had my exams, but I just about managed in the SCORCHING heat! In the middle of the exams it was Alfie’s 3rd birthday which myself and him celebrated with pupcakes and a candle which was so much fun, probs more for me than for him.


June was mum’s big 5 0 but I don’t have any photos from it unfortunately 😦 I also finished college which was a relief!


The family and I went to Croatia and Montenegro for 2 weeks which was once again wonderful, I also did a blog post on this if ya wanna check it out!

I saw Lauren numerous times this month, we went for pizza at Bath Pizza Co. and cocktails at the beginning of the month, the pic posted above made me winner of the month so I got 2 free pizzas, obvs shared that with Lauren! We also went out for dinner with friends the day after I got back from Croatia AND THEN we went for more drinks towards the end of the month and potentially had my worst hangover yet :/


September was Anna’s 16th birthday but we didn’t do much for that so I don’t have any pics from it. I had one of my wisdom teeth out which was an experience and ended up missing the first week of college due to it but it was great :)))


Grandma organised a family trip to Lyme Regis during October half term which we all loved, so it’s all booked again for this October!


vember was just the beginning of the run up to Christmas. I spent a fair bit of time with Bethan of course! We went to Center Parcs for the afternoon/evening to watch the fireworks and have a walk around! Plus it was Lauren’s 19th so we went out for a few drinks for that.


FINALLY! DECEMBER! I enjoyed many festive bevs throughout this month…. the Christmas market with Bethan, Christmas Day and NYE are only a few of the occasions!

I did a post on the Christmas market very recently so have a looksie at that if ya want. The Christmas period was amazing because I was surrounded by the greatest people which made it super enjoyable!

Me and Bethan also went for lunch and a hot choc in Bradford on Avon which was amazing but very cold!

NYE I decided to break the tradition of staying home and went out with friends instead!!! I went out with Bethan and her friend into Bath. Myself and Bethan had a nightmare finding outfits but I finally settled on the most amazing velvet mini dress from Kourtney Kardashian’s collection with Pretty Little Thing (you can find the dress >HERE< ) . It was super comfy, super pretty and super flattering!

To conclude…

There’s my year summed up then in a bit of a nutshell!!! I reallllyyyy hope this year tops 2017, but I think it will be tricky! The only NY resolution I made was to be on time… I’ve ended up being an hour and a half late on a couple of occasions recently so I’ve decided I want to improve that… AND I was on time to the dentist yesterday!!!! Yay!!!!


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