Hey strangers! Once again, I’m apologising for not posting in like a month.. worst blogger going am I right??! ANYWAY, I thought I would do another little life update seeing as 6 months has passed since my last one and a lot has gone on!

So I said I had a new job at Hollister in my last one… I no longer work there, I managed to complete the college year successfully, bagging myself a Merit for the whole year (woohooooo), and once again, I have had one too many mojito’s. We had a wonderful holiday over the summer which I did a post on, we went to Lyme Regis with the family which was a lovely break and I’ve seen friends a lot.

But yeah, second year of college is happening which to sum up in one word is stress! We have assignments, UCAS stuff that has to be done, university options to be made AND we have to do another week of work experience.. BRILL! Ngl tho guys, I have no idea what I want to do next year, I’m pretty sure I want to head on over to another country and do some bits out there just to get out of the drama in the UK, as well as taking a break from education, who knows if I’ll end up going back into it. University is a tricky and big decision to make because I think the experience would be great, but in my opinion there are more cons to pros, which definitely unbalances my thoughts towards it.

I’ve met a lot of new people, some good some bad, which is typical. Like people I meet can be a pain in the backside when it comes down to being serious (which are immediately cut from my contacts, thanks to being pushed to do it by Bethan) but I think I have become a different person (hopefully a good one) because my bestest friends have brought out the better side of me which I am SUPER thankful for. To be completely honest though, I really need a massive night out!!! But the next one planned, I have a college event early the next day which could turn out to be a struggle :// I have also got a young leader award from the bits I have done at the youth group I help at which is gooooood!

However, even though there are some very low points in life, IT’S NEARLY CHRISTMAS so that is 100% what I am focused on now (as well as college work:/). I have been given an opportunity to collaborate with another business which will definitely be appearing amongst my social media VERY SOON, so watch this space! If anything else happens I will be sure to tell you guys asap!!!

I will try and get more posts up but I’m struggling to come up with content, so once I have made a plan, there will be LOADS appearing so make sure you are following my accounts to keep up to date!


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