WHAT ON EARTH is going on with this weather?!!! One minute it’s GLORIOUS sunshine and the next it’s a blizzard and then the one after that is rain and cloud.. I don’t know about you but I am SO ready for the Spring weather to jump on us, A) because it’s my bday season and B) because it makes everyone happy!

Throwing it waaaaay back to the beginning of March (seems like months ago?) we were blessed with a lot of snow. Now, it was fun then.. but last weekend I was like no thank you.. and I know a lot of people who also felt like that! Like come on, I was so excited about the sun and warmth!

Anyway, Alfie absolutely adored the snow and was so desperate to go outside all the time! He went on a couple of long walks, one of which I accompanied him on. It did look very pretty down the valley so there were a good few photogenic areas.

Like I said.. Alfie was a huge fan of it and looked absolutely adorable in it so obviously I had to get some shots of him.

Even though Alf looks overly cute, I think he looks fab with a load of flowers behind him or watching him go crazy with all the dandelions in the sun!

I just wanna get my sunnies, bright jumpers and white tops out and not worry about needing a coat for a walk!

^Like can we just go back to weather like this?^

^ And enjoy the sun like this?? ^


^ Seeing moody cows like this ^


^ Having a ski coat covered in snow like this ^

ANYWAY, I’m sure the sun will come out more from now?? (I hope!) PLUS I would love all the left over snow to leave too….


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